SPECIAL:  Vigil Finlay’s Daughter Needs Some Support

OTHER SPECIAL:  Steven H Silver reports that Anne Geyer and Alan Ziebarth’s questions stumped the Information Please panel at Windycon;  they’ve won digital subscriptions to Amazing Stories


ACLU Wants to know what Boston Police are really doing with those robot dogs

Anti-vaxxers will not survive the conquest of other planets

An interesting breakdown of our news resources – where they come from, what their biases are and more

Nearly HALF of Foreign Aid Provided to Palestinians was used to pay stipends to families of Homicide Bombers and Terrorists in Jail

Chris Barkley Again:  Batman Poster Deleted Under Chinese Pressure

Print Books are BETTER for Toddlers Than Screens

Daniel Salvo suggests you read these strong words on ignorance

Pan Satyr highlights this report – Chinese are using AI to “Predict” Criminal Behavior (calling Phillip K Dick, Calling…)


Kugali announces itself: Since its successful Kickstarter project, which helped it to produce its first African comic book anthology, the company has published stories from over a dozen African comics produced by artists in countries including Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana and Senegal, among others. If you would like to learn more about Nani, Osita, or Kugali itself, visit our website at: or our online store at

Robert Sawyer shows off Bigger Than Life Robert Sawyer

What People Thought the Year 2000 Would Be Like in 1900

Antique Vampire Slaying Kits.  

Paul Levinson featured on Functional Nerds Podcast

Thomas Fortenberry shares news of Michael B. Jordan’s Superman Meet

Helen Hill‘s a fan of Irwin Allen, or at least the Seaview and the Jupiter II

It’s not the Monkey House James D. Keith wants to welcome you to, it’s the Vonnegut Museum

Roy Kettle unveils this way cool Dracula Poster from 1928

Shirley Meier is adding these religiously themed Barbie & Ken Dolls to her collection

Everyone is Remarking on this E.T. Cast Reunion Commercial

Alma Alexander Thinks You Ought to Watch This Gaiman Short

Roy Upton in Space Opera offers this Skywalker Trailer in “Chronological Order”


Ellen Datlow Showcases the Edited By anthology, featuring stories selected and edited by Ellen Datlow

Farah Mendelsohn highlights this copyfight

Sarah Felix is working on ways to get artists more involved at conventions; comments welcome on JOF FB Group

The Latest Worm & Sand Epic wraps production

Chris Barkley reminds us of the work Gary K Wolf is Doing with Library of America

Fred Pohl Would Have Benn 100 THis Past Week;  Here’s five works of his you might have overlooked

Dave McCarty Shares Thoughts About His China Trip

Chesley Bonestell

Gary Dalkin Remembers Robert Holdstock

More Mini-Interviews from Boskone

Chris Nuttall Announces His Latest Release

RHPS Shoe Designer RIP

Pamela Sargeant Advocates a Better Social Network


Bryan D Deitrich likes whale songs: Sperm Whales Communicate with Divers

Alex Washoe Wants you to know that our outermost planet might be a baseball-sized black hole

John Foster might, or might not, have drawn our attention to this doubled Heinsenberg Conundrum

Sean Murphy Introduces Science Fiction to This Interstellar Comet

Bacteria Developed in Israel Eats CO2 – from Moshe Feder

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