Cards Against Humanity will donate 100% of profit to abortion rights fund.

JPost calls out Amnesty International’s Israel Hypocrisy

Cedar Sanderson offers up this excellent space cat image

Author Tomlinson harassed with SWATing calls

Who IS that lizard-loving artiste?

D23 Trailers and Announcements

Tenured College Professor Announces Film Project

Joyce Scrivner helps announce the return of a beloved bookstore

First South Korean Actor Wins Best Actor Emmy

Steven Barnes reminds us that a Moon-Walking Astronaut once punched an idiot on camera

Chris Garcia shares visions of future Chicons

Cait Coker offers up this take on Black Hobbits from The Atlantic

Kevin Standlee of the Perpetual Chair Standlees provides links to the Business Meeting

A Jewish Futures anthology is teased

Samuel R. “Chip” Delany shares this photo of his Lambda Literary Award for Big Joe

James Mcleod shares this meme about the consequences of complaining about Hobbit skin color

In the late 1800s, everyone thought the future would be electric.  Check out this electro-punk scientific romance

“People’s Joker” offers up an “interesting” protest methodology

From the “Please, NO!” Department:  Blade Runner 2099 TV series….(gak! puk! arg!)

New Release:  The Author’s Wife vs the Giant Robot by Adam-Troy Castro

James Long shares this statue of Maria, from Metropolis

Former New Release:  Mary Robinette Kowal links to a sale for The Relentless Moon (good stuff!)

Library Association says Book Banning is SURGING

A colorized Maria’s Dance from Metropolis

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