The Best of Amazing Stories: 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931…and to infinity and beyond!

Amazing Stories began its near 100 years of publication on March 10th, 1926.  For the first three years of its existence, it was the ONLY science fiction publication in the entire world.

The authors, illustrators and stories appearing in the magazine ever since set the stage for the most exciting, informative and entertaining literary genre known to mankind – Science Fiction!

For several years now, Digital Parchment Services, one of the oldest ebook publishers serving the field, and operating as Futures Past Editions has been compiling annual Best of Amazing anthologies (under license), starting with 1926 and working its way towards the present.

There are six volumes available, plus two out of sequence years (published to support the Retro Hugo Awards) currently available, with more on the way.

This series offers a comprehensive overview of the development of the genre:  famous author’s first stories; the first appearance of mainstay tropes; the first takes on some of science fiction’s seminal concepts.

Available in print and electronically, buy one or buy them all!


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