Space Opera Encore – Allen Steele’s CAPTAIN FUTURE

Space Opera is making a come back and leading the pack is an old pulp favorite, science fiction’s first superhero, the man of tomorrow, Kurt Newton, also known as –

Originally gracing the cover of his very own pulp magazine and debuting in 1940, Captain Future was an instant hit;  the character would go on to be featured in novels, television, film and even model kits.

The original Captain Future captured the imagination of a young fan who himself would go on to science fiction super stardom – multiple award-winning author Allen Steele.

Now they’ve combined their talents to bring you a new Space Opera, a Space Opera for the new Millennium, Space Opera that has its roots in the origins of the genre and transposes it into our own future.

In four extraordinary volumes, Steele revamps, updates, and modernizes the adventures of Science Fiction’s original Pulp Hero.

Each volume both a stand-alone adventure and an episode in a larger tale.  Every volume lavishly illustrated and accompanied by additional materials.

Available in print in both paperback and hardcover as well as multiple electronic  formats.

Begin your adventure today!

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