Chicon 8 Opens Hugo Nominations for 2022

In a world of mutant zebras, the end can’t be far behind

Herbert’s Dune, Director Jodorowsky and crypto currency will now be forever linked in the minds of men (maybe some women too)

1619 Project Pushback

Ai Weiwei weighs in on Worldcon

Slo-Mo Dust Biting:  Joss Whedon

They or They?  A history of English Theys

Lord of the Rings TV show news

David Mack Not Attending Con Over Lack of Covid Protective Measures (Lots of other authors as well)

Helmut Newton Photos Now For Sale

Curiosity uncovers strong evidence for ancient life on Mars

Imposter Syndrome and being an Author

Idris Elba SHOULD BE the Next Bond

SFWA Story Bundle to include Matt Hughes – Jack Vance tale

An Insect Version of Boaty McBoatFace

Watch an artist create a galaxy!

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