The Enterprise, not for children under 6; small parts may present a choking hazard; meat, graffiti, ERB sale, Ryk Spoor, Damon Knight and more

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop “not as good as it could have been”.  (What can you expect from a show with “Bebop” in the title and nary a Zaphod to be found anywhere?)

Wheel of Timed “not as good as it could have been” (actually, the review headline claims it has too much bosom)

Short film based on Terry Bisson’s short story “They’re Made Out of Meat”  (yeah, right..  everyone knows you can’t think with meat.)  Read the original story here.

ERB Sale Legal in All Fifty States

There’s an interesting Geo project that links vintage photos to a map of 1940s New York City.  If you know where to look, you can find Caravan Hall, site of the first Worldcon and, maybe even of the restaurant/bar that the Futurians used as their HQ during the Great Exclusion Act of 1939

NASA Launches DART Asteroid Mission

In space, you have to make your Tang in a zero G pouch

One week to go to help Ryk Spoor produce The Apocalypse Maidens sequel to Princess Holy Aura

Do we have Free Will?  This study of a study suggests that we do.  Actual real-world evidence suggests that if we do, we’re using it pretty badly.

Santa gets a boyfriend in this Norwegian postal service promotion.  (Leave it at that;  any wordplay at this juncture is bound to be misconstrued.)

FYI:  This past Thursday was a National Day of Mourning for many who know their history

Amazing endorses this “Reverse Black Friday” idea

Some graffiti can really enhance our environment

xkcd illustrates the difference between fiction and nonfiction

Discon III offers up their programming schedule

Jeannie & Captain Kirk, both at 90.  (Some suggest they may be Howards.  Nope.  Residuals.)

Room 101 was dreamt up during a romantic walk.  That might actually be someone’s worst fear.

This Star Trek Playmobile set is only $500.00.  Expensive, but very cool.

Our featured image is a promotional image from the television show The Twilight Zone’s To Serve Man episode, based on Damon Knights short story of the same name. which you can read here

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