AMAZING NEWS: 10/17/21

(October twenty twenty one?  How the heck did is it almost the end of twenty twenty one?)



Next FanHistory Zoom Session from the Fan History Project

St. Fantony, BSFA, Brumcon and more – British Fan history with Keith Freeman and Rob Hansen

Date: October 23, 2021, Saturday
Time: 2PM EDT, 7PM London, 11AM PDT, 1PM CDT

Keith Freeman and British fan historian Rob Hansen provide a first-hand look at some of the landmark moments of British fandom, from the inside. Keith has been a science fiction fan since the 50s – he was a member of the Cheltenham Circle, a founder of the Reading Science Fiction Club, and is credited with reviving the Order of St. Fantony. He’s a fanzine fan (still active!), a past officer of the British Science Fiction Society (BSFA), and the 1977 winner of the Doc Weir Award. Among his considerable fannish accomplishments, interviewer Rob Hansen is well known as a historian of British fandom, having published the definitive history Then — Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: 1930-1980. Join us for this interview/discussion and find out about Brumcon, St. Fantony, the SF Society of Great Britain, the Eastercon relationship with BSFA, and more, including perhaps what it’s like to watch an H-bomb explode.

To RSVP, or find out more about the series, please send a note to .

Superman Junior comes out as Bi (probably more upset about being called “Junior” than any negative reactions)
(In related news:  No word yet from Larry Niven on whether or not he will reprise his essay “Man of Steel, Woman ofr Kleenex”) (PS:  No word because we haven’t asked.)

New Discovery Trailer;  (To be clear, it’s a new trailer for ST:  Discovery, not a trailer of a new discovery)

Disrupting the Publishing Industry  – probably not what you’re thinking

Ruthie Tompson, Disney Illustrator, gone at 111

Blue Origins Crew concerned about new uniforms.  Meanwhile, these scenes from Galaxy Quest will be the in-flight movie for Shatner’s flight

Borders Open Again, brings relief for numerous conventions (Rules apply)

Jamie Lee channels her mom’s Psycho role

Liu Cixin no longer sure about humanity’s future:  TOR not re-publishing…

Shut Up Jeff!  Shat is talking!

Funny cartoon.  Especially for Astronomers (Do you think they said this right before that meteorite strike?)

Supposedly, the director of the new Dune movie is “making science fiction his own”.  And here I thought it was mine….

Getting killed by a meteorite still very unlikely despite near strike


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