Apparently there’s not much wrong with the world today…other than women’s rights being gutted in Texas, a continually spreading pandemic (of idiocy), continued discussion of the Chinese Worldcon Bid (we’re agin it on principal) and, apparently, “Fandom” has had an “S” appended on its ride down the slipperly slope of niche marketing, further eroding our sense of community.

Examples of that erosion follow:

Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria No Longer Docked in Mexico City
Mexico removes statue of Christopher Columbus in favor of a statue of an indigene representing the native cultures that have been largely displaced by European colonizing.  Chris has been moved to a nearby (and smaller) park.

I recently didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving (neither US nor Canadian) in favor of noting Indigenous People’s Day (if any people have the right to call something a Naqba, it’s native Americans.

The announcement was made on the International Day of the Indigenous Woman (which I did not know was a thing until researching this piece).  It’s almost getting to the point where there are more holidays devoted to non-White, non-European, Non-Male, Non-Cis, Non-Hetero than there are to the dominant culture.  You know, Holidays that actually represent the dominant culture and not just a reducing near minority.  Go figure.

Gamer Gate N Point Something Followup
An electronic game development company’s President made public statements in favor of the new Texas Welfare for Thugs (anti-abortion law) and then promptly resigned following industry pushback.
Seems people have to be interested in buying your product of you are going to stay in business.
The other conclusion that one may be able to come to is that abortion rights are not a game.

In Genre News:  Dragon Awards attract little attention.
No need to link cause there’s nothing to link to.

Don’t Vote (Last time you’ll ever see that written here)
The discussion on FB regarding the 2023 Worldcon bids is attracting a lot of wordage devoted to reasons not to vote for China’s Chengdu bid.

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