Special announcement regarding this website and the near future.


Today (6/20) marks the beginning of an approximately two to three week time frame during which updating of the website, including the weekly news features, may be compromised – truncated, delayed and likely not appearing at all, owing to infrastructure changes as wel move Amazing’s operations south of the Mason Dixon.  We will endeavor to keep you all informed of our status as things develop.


Got a few extra million?  You could invest in the world’s first science fiction magazine – OR – you could buy one of these vacations in space

The SF genre’s Jewish roots are well known – to people in the field.

This guy collects real world objects that are futuristic enough to dress Star Trek’s sets

In honor of Juneteenth:  the airing of 60 Minutes interview with James Baldwin, that was canned because of his critique of the US.

Computer animation of how an interstellar empire might form


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