A few items to bring you all up to date.

We’ve experienced some outages and down-time with the site.  It originated with the implementation of a new iteration of WordPress and – as we discovered – incompatibilities with our theme, some plugins and the new version.  We’ve switched to a new theme and are apparently still chasing down some remaining issues.  But rest assured, if we do experience any issues, they will be dealt with in short order.

One complicating factor is that the in-progress sale of the house that has served as Amazing HQ for all of these years is complicating our ability, in some cases, to respond quickly.  That circumstance is expected to persist to one degree or other until the relocation has been completed, which we expect will take place in the June 2021 time frame.


Speaking of which:  while the existing housing crunch has accrued to our benefit in terms of selling the house for a good price, it is equally complicating our ability to find a place to relocate to in Florida – not to mention the insistence of many landlords these days on receiving information about renters that we consider to be gross invasions of privacy.  (As one person pointed out “what do they need all that crap for when you’ve been regularly and reliably paying a mortgage for the past six years?”.  Indeed.)

So we’re appealing to the crowd:  if you know of anyone offering rental space in the Space Coast to Boynton Beach region of eastern Florida, please send it along.


We’re looking at a late June – July 2021 time frame for the resumption of magazine operations.  However, at that time, we expect to be making some changes to our subscription system and perhaps other things as well, so:  please be patient and look for future announcements.

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