New Releases in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for NOV 6

Here’s the weekly post from my author blog on the new releases I found to be of interest in my three favorite romance genres (which are also the ones I write in!), and related areas such as time travel, steampunk, paranormal cozy romances and more. I do sometimes cover other releases of note in science fiction and fantasy.

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts). I don’t pick up every single new release each week but try to provide a representative subset and lots of choices.

Here’s a teaser for this week’s first two books (jump to the blog to see the approximately 90 titles featured this week):


Ariq is a barbarian warrior seeking a war. He locates that battle when he meets Xareni. Ariq is one of Chamele’s top warriors. A genetic predisposition to fighting, paired with intensive training and experience, has honed the scarred male into an effective killing machine. He loves war, can’t live without combat. The Succession Wars, however, have finally ended and the Chamele sector is now at peace. Seeking excitement and purpose, the barbarian warrior accompanies his Second to the Refuge, an outlaw settlement on Carinae E. He hopes to locate the battle he’s been craving there. Ariq finds that conflict and more when he meets his fated mate.

Xareni owes the Ruler of the Refuge a favor. That’s the only reason she has returned to the settlement. She doesn’t like crowds or structures or a certain barbarian warrior who insists on following her everywhere. It doesn’t matter that there’s a connection between them, that he makes her burn with desire, that he looks at her with heat in his dark eyes. She’s a monster and monsters don’t need anyone.


The legends of great airship captains all have one thing in common: A ship unlike any other. The Phantom Saber.

Ships know no loyalty, but privateers, air pirates, vagabonds, thieves, and merchants all answer to someone…Step aboard the decks of the most feared ship in the Queen’s Merchant Navy and experience the adventures of hidden royalty, pirates, privateers, thieves, murderers, stowaways, merchant sailors and more. Will you be brave enough to join the crews of the Phantom Saber?

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