The End……………………………………………….?

Our title today is a nod to SF/Horror films of the 50s that attempted one last little poke at the audience before they left the theater.

Not only is our title borrowed, our content today is as well.  FiveThirtyEight, the poll tracking website, has an excellent article on when we can expect the election results to be counted in various states and the problems or issues that each of them may face and I happily turn you over to their text and graphics, which can be found here.

But before you go, a few words:

First, it is important for as many eligible voters to participate in our elections as possible.  Regardless of your political beliefs or affiliations – participate, please.  The more voices we hear from, the better able we are to acquire a government that responds to its people.

Second:  if you have not yet voted and plan on using “mail in” or “absentee” voting, DO NOT mail your vote in.  Deliver it in person to the appropriate location (as determined by your state);  this may be a County Clerk’s office, a ballot Drop Box, the polling place, it varies by state.

If you can’t assure the delivery of your mail in/absentee ballot BY or ON ELECTION DAY, bite the bullet and vote in person.  Wear a mask, don’t wear political messages, bring a cushion or a chair, bring a book, prepare to spend some time, but GO and VOTE.

The GOP and the Trump administration are engaged in numerous lawsuits that are seeking to disallow votes;  the Supreme Court has signaled that it may look favorably upon such actions.  Therefore, it is EXTREMELY important that voters who have yet to cast their vote do so in a (legal) way that will be registered by November 3rd, Election Day.

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