The Power and Pitfalls of Nostalgia: A Guest post by Dan Hanks
Dan Hanks, author of Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire, is a writer, editor, and vastly overqualified archaeologist who has lived everywhere from London to Hertfordshire to Manchester to Sydney, which explains the panic in his eyes anytime

2020 Harper Lee Prize
The winner of the for Legal Fiction has been announced has been announced. Victor Methos, author of The Hallows, will receive The University of Alabama School of Law’s 2020 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction during a virtual

Cats Sleep on SFF: A Life in the Day of… and Other Short Stories
Rick Lieder and Kathe Koja sent a photo they call — A Life in the Day of Dash. — their cat who’s snoozing on A Life in the Day of… and Other Short Stories by Frank R. Robinson. Photos of

Pixel Scroll 9/12/20 Seems To Lack The Necessary Imaginative Elements
BRADBURY’S 1986 WORLDCON GOH SPEECH AND OTHER TREATS. History site has two segments of video highlights from the 1986 Worldcon in Atlanta. ConFederation, the 44th World Science Fiction Convention, was held in Atlanta, GA in 1986, with Ray

Wika, A Comic Combining Steampunk and Fairies, Coming in 2021
Wika, a baroque steampunk fairy tale written by Thomas Day and with art by Olivier Ledriot, is coming from Titan Comics in March 2021. After narrowly escaping an uprising that claims the lives of her parents, Wika, the last of

New Logo for Pórtico, Spain’s SFF&H Association
Pórtico, Spain’s Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Association, has just launched its new visual image. They also shared the cover art for Visiones 2020, their annual collection of stories. Blanca Rodríguez, President, and Isa J. González, Member of the Board unveiled the

Pixel Scroll 9/11/20 Mrs. Pixel, We’re Needed
FUR STUDIES. The Dogpatch Press published a 2-part interview with a professor at Boston College specializing in classical history who teaches a course called “Beast Literature” which covers talking animal stories and gets into animation and furry fandom. “Q&A

Cats Sleep on SFF: Dim Shores Presents
Lis Carey shares a photo of Dora, keeping close watch over Dim Shores Presents, Vol. 1, Summer 2020, which includes a story by Filer Jayn. Photos of your feline — or whatever you’ve got! — resting on genre works are

Pixel Scroll 9/10/20 The Pixelways Will Scroll
SOUNDING OFF. John Scalzi’s new novella in The Dispatcher series debuted today as an audiobook narrated by Zachary Quinto. You can hear the two of them discuss it via Whatever: “Here’s Me and Zachary Quinto Interviewing Each Other About

National Toy Hall of Fame Reveals 2020 Toy Finalists
The twelve National Toy Hall of Fame 2020 finalists have been announced and they include two genre related toys: Masters of the Universe My Little Pony Other genre-adjacent finalists are the electronic art toy Lite-Brite, and Breyer Horses (their genre connection being

Diana Rigg (1938-2020)
[Actress Diana Rigg died September 10 of cancer at the age of 82 reports The Guardian. Her genre work included appearances in the Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, also Theater of Blood, The Great Muppet Caper, the Doctor

Remembering Andrew Plotkin’s 17-year-delayed LOC to PyroTechnics #38
By Bill Higgins: In August 1986, Jamie and Gail Hanrahan published PyroTechnics #38, a fanzine founded by Jeff Duntemann. It served as a club newsletter for General Technics, a loose organization of SF fans interested in do-it-yourself technology. That was

Pixel Scroll 9/9/20 The Worm Rider’s Digest
DUNE TRAILER. A trailer dropped for the Denis Villenueve-directed Dune movie. Beyond fear, destiny awaits. (2) LIKE SANDS THROUGH AN HOURGLASS. The click industry immediately went to work deciphering the Dune trailer. Inverse’s assessment says “Dune trailer completely nails

City of Gardner: NYRSF Readings Series Features Michael Swanwick in Collaboration with Gardner Dozois
By Mark L. Blackman: On the evening of Tuesday, September 8, 2020 (Star Trek Day), the New York Review of Science Fiction Readings Series opened its 30th Season virtually (and perhaps virtuously) with a reading by Michael Swanwick from his

Sidewise Awards Delayed to 2021
The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History will not be presented in 2020 as a result of the current pandemic the judges have announced. Instead, two years’ worth of awards will be presented at DisCon III, the 2021 Worldcon in Washington,

Feedback: A Guest Post by Rik Hoskin
Rik Hoskin has worked on graphic novels and comics with best-selling authors and many top franchises including Star Wars and Doctor Who. The authors that Rik has collaborated with include Brandon Sanderson, Dean Koontz, Pierce Brown, and Patricia Briggs. Most

Pixel Scroll 9/8/20 If You Can’t Be With The Scroll You Pixel, Pixel The Scroll You’re With
STAR TREK DAY. io9’s James Whitbrook tells how “Star Trek: Discovery’s New Trailer Brings the Fight for the Federation to the Far Future”. The crew of the Discovery made a terrible sacrifice at the end of season two, leaving their lives as they

2020 Niels Klim Award
On September 6 the winners of this year’s Niels Klim Awards were announced in a ceremony during the annual Danish fantastika convention, Fantasticon, which was a virtual con this year. No physical trophies were given out. The winners are: TRANSLATED

Pixel Scroll 9/7/20 A Elbereth Gilthoniel, Silivren Penna Pixel Scroll
LEAPIN’ STARSHIPS! Ars Technica is there when “SpaceX hops a full-scale Starship prototype for the second time”. Less than one month ago, SpaceX blasted a full-scale prototype of its Starship vehicle to an altitude of 150 meters above South Texas before

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