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The Atomic Clock Guys aren’t too keen on Fusion Reactors
Filming The Planet of the Apes:  Not just another sixties SF film
David Brin has some excellent reading lists, organized in various categories, for you quarantine reading
John Brunner told us how it was going to be and was eerily accurate
Relief for Canadian Comic Book Shops
RIP Hugh Casey
DESTINIES -The Voice of Science Fiction radio
Speculative Economies Get Some Attention
What if they gave a Pennsic War and Nobody Came?
1 Cardboard Box, 1 Box Cutter, 1 Sharpie plus 1 SJW Credential = Cardboard Box Dinosaurs
NASA Begs Citizens to STAY AWAY From Launch (Great fodder for space conspiracy nuts….)
Where’s My Flying Car Star Wars Air Speeder?
When Worlds Collide, there will be no writing festivals
Another look at Dune
3M now stands for this GORGEOUS Moon Minerals Map
Pillars of Creation Revisited
Gestetner History (that’s not entirely the way it was)

*Feature image:  John Pitre – Over Population.  A perfect illustration for John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar

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