Today is Leap Day.  February 29th.

And, since it happens so infrequently, we’re using it as an excuse to catch up on a bunch of posts that should have been published already but missed their dates (editorial apologies all around), by advancing the fiction that they weren’t missed, they were just waiting for THIS day to be released.

(I can hear you all saying “Yeah, right”, but I’m ignoring you, just as any good moderator attempting to cover up a faux pas would do.  You all know how it works:  repeat the big lie often enough and – viola! – it becomes truth.)

So consider this a new feature of the website:  Once every four years we’ll spend a day absolutely FLOODING you with content (that you probably should have seen already, ahem) and we encourage you to focus on the cornucopia of posts, rather than the fact that we’re using 2/29 as an excuse to try and sneak some editorial scheduling flubs past you as a feature.


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