AMAZING NEWS: 2/16/2020

SPECIAL NOTE:  Trying something new this week:  no longer dividing news into topic categories.  Let me know what you think!

Arthur C Clarke Center for Human Imagination will feature a talk and reading by N. K. Jemisin on April 3rd. More info here. She will be reading from her latest novel The City We Became

Paul Levinson has created a Spotify list of Science Fiction and Fantasy songs (it starts with Zager & Evans In the Year 2525, so you know it has reach), featuring numerous artists as well as cuts from his own recently released album Songs of Space and Time

The new Corona Virus, now named Covid-19, has been declared a global health emergency

SF&F magazines:  Readership healthy, revenues not

Polar Borealis Canadian SFF magazine is open for submissions until 2/29

So what else is new?  New Funding Bill could affect NASA’s return to the Moon

Author William Gibson says people are not excited about the 22nd century

Checkout Retro Science Fiction review for all of your Retro Hugo Voting Needs

The A-Z List of Black Inventors:  a lot more than you are aware of

An Anthology of Latinx Science Fiction and Fantasy

An interesting take on cultural appropriation in literature

Complex: an interactive movie

KSR on the re-release of Three Californias

It’s the 30th anniversary of the HHGTTG Game

From the BBC Archives – JG Ballard

FRB on a 16 day cycle:  A repeatable signal from space...but most likely not LGMs

V’GER Voyager 2 is Back Online!

What if the Holocaust took place today?  A very unsettling video

Birds of Prey (Now Harley Quinn:  Birds of Prey) discussion about female heroes

How to create a Hostile Convention Environment

If you are in Santa Fe, go check out the Ian’s Realm film

Ten Decades of SF Represented by Ten Films

Bracelet of Silence Blocks Recording by Digital Assistants

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