Dave Duncan (1933-2018)
Canadian sff author Dave Duncan passed away October 29 after sustaining a brain hemorrhage in a fall. Originally from Scotland, Duncan lived all his adult life in Western Canada. He worked as a geological consultant until at age 53 he

Catmosphere: Cat Café Has an SF Theme
By Hampus Eckerman: Feeling a bit depressed about my continuing illness, I thought I would choose to cheer myself up by visiting Sydney’s cat café. As it was but 15-minute walk from my hotel, it was at just my limit

2018 Bulwer-Lytton Contest SF/F Winners
The 2018 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, where the challenge is to write the “worst” opening sentence to a novel, announced its winners in August, but it’s news to me! Here are the categories of genre interest — Science Fiction Winner The

Sci-Fi News and Analysis Roundup 11/3
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Star Trek: Deep Space 9 “20 problems Deep Space 9 fans choose to ignore” at ScreenRant A prosperous future, filled with opportunity and upside burst from The Next Generation as Captain Picard’s Enterprise pushed the boundaries

Pixel Scroll 11/2/18 Keep Scrolling All The Time – Stormy Pixels
RABBIT CAST MULTIPLYING. More celebrities join the Watership Down warren: “Daniel Kaluuya, Rosamund Pike Join Animated Netflix/BBC Miniseries ‘Watership Down’”. The latest adaptation of Richard Adams’ classic allegorical bunny adventure novel will be a CGI series, with John Boyega,

Conan Returns in January
This January, Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Esad Ribic will bring Conan back to Marvel in the all-new series Conan the Barbarian #1. To celebrate Conan’s triumphant return, Marvel is releasing a series of variant covers showcasing the sword-slashing hero

Pixel Scroll 11/1/18 When You Gonna Give Me Some Time Scrollona
SAME NAME, DIFFERENT GAME. At Strange Horizons, Abigail Nussbaum reviews Netflix’ “The Haunting of Hill House”. …Netflix’s miniseries adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House, by Mike Flanagan (who wrote most of the series’s ten episodes and directed all

Winners of 2018 BookNest Fantasy Awards
The blog announced the winners of the 2018 BookNest Fantasy Awards on November 1. Best Traditionally Published Novel (Shortlist) Bloody Rose by Nicholas Eames Best Self-Published Novel (Shortlist) Paternus: Wrath Of The Gods by Dyrk Ashton Best Debut Novel

Top 10 Posts for October 2018
Crystal Huff’s charges against the president of Arisia, Inc. led to his ouster and the resignation of nearly all the Eboard, and encouraged several others to go public with criticism about how their own incident reports were handled. A few

Pixel Scroll 10/31/18 Niels Pixel’s Underground Scrolls
REALLY AND SINCERELY DEAD. [Item by Bill.] Harry Houdini died 92 years ago today: The Official Houdini Seance will be held this year in Baltimore at the Jewish Museum of Maryland. The event will feature talks by Houdini experts

Apologies From Two Former Arisia Officers, and Other New Statements
Cody Lazri, who was on the Arisia, Inc. Eboard for the year-long term ending September 2017, serving as corporate Vice-President, and who resigned from the convention committee on October 27, 2018, has posted “My Arisia Statement”, a detailed history and

Schwader Named SFPA Grand Master
Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA) members have honored Ann K. Schwader as their 2018 Grand Master. Ann K. Schwader is a two-time Rhysling Award winner (short form 2010, long form 2016) and a two-time Bram Stoker Award Finalist

2018 SFPA Speculative Poetry Contest Winners
The Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association announced the winners of its 2018 Speculative Poetry Contest on October 25. This year’s contest offered prizes in three divisions: Dwarf (poems 1-10 lines [prose poems 0-100 words]) Short (11-49 lines [prose poems

Goodreads Choice Awards 2018 Opening Round Voting
Voting has begun in the first round of the Goodreads Choice Awards: The Best Books 2018 and will continue through November 4. There are 21 categories overall. Here is what Goodreads recommended in the categories of genre interest. In the

Pixel Scroll 10/30/18 Steamy Pixels – Coming From The Scrolling Heat
HERE’S ONE ROLE YOU CAN’T PLAY AT RPG.NET. The Forum Administrator has declared a “New Ban: Do Not Post In Support of Trump or his Administration”. The following policy announcement is the result of over a year of

Two GoHs Drop Out of Arisia 2019
Daniel Jose Older and Malka Older, two Arisia 2019 guests of honor who reacted to Crystal Huff’s post by saying they could not do the con “as things stand”, have now announced they are definitely out: update on the “as

SFContario Announces Two-Year Hiatus
After people questioned its dormant social media and with just three weeks left before the con was schedule to begin, SFContario announced on Facebook today they have cancelled the 2018 con and will also skip 2019. The main issue is

Uncanny Magazine Issue 25 Launches 11/6
The 25th issue of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine will be available on November 6. Hugo Award-winning Publishers/Editors-in-Chief Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas are proud to present the 25th issue of their 2016, 2017, and 2018 Hugo Award-winning

First Fandom Annual 2018
The 2018 First Fandom Annual has just been published: Remembering Jack Robins (1919-2015), Edited by John L. Coker III and Jon D. Swartz. This periodical showcases new articles and photographs, as well as a long interview with Jack Robins recalling

Four Resignations from Arisia Eboard
The Arisia Eboard tonight announced four recently re-elected board members have resigned: Update from the Eboard: 10/30 At this time I, Gregorian Hawke, have accepted the resignation of the following Eboard members (those who stood for re-election in September). Anna

Pixel Scroll 10/29/18 Pixel Was The Doctor. The Croll’s Name Was Pixel’s Croll
THE ORVILLE RETURNING. The second season of The Orville premieres December 30 on Fox. THE ORVILLE is a live-action, one-hour space adventure series set 400 years in the future that follows The Orville, a mid-level exploratory spaceship. Its crew,

Arisia 2019 Chair, Artist GoH Make Statements; Wu and Hopkinson Call for Action
Arisia 2019 chair Daniel Eareckson has publicly addressed “what we are doing to make Arisia a safer place”, and artist Elizabeth Leggett announced why she has decided to remain as one of the con’s guests of honor. Meanwhile, Brianna Wu

Historic Science Fantasy Recreated on Radio
By Jonathan Cowie: One of the most prominent screen writers of mid-20th century British SF was Nigel Kneale. He is famous for the Quatermass TV series as well as controversial (among the establishment) TV adaptation of Orwell’s 1984. To mark

Pixel Scroll 10/28/18 Wanna See My Smilin’ Face On The Cover Of The Pixel Scroll
SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES. And everywhere else. Juliette Wade’s latest Dive Into Worldbuilding features “Sean Grigsby and Smoke Eaters”. Read the synopsis, and/or view the video at the link. It was a real pleasure to have Sean Grigsby

Arisia Bans Rosenberg, Authorizes Membership Refunds
The Arisia, Inc. Executive Board announced today that Noel Rosenberg, removed as President yesterday, has been permanently banned from the convention. The action came on the heels of revelations in Crystal Huff’s post “Why I’m Not At Arisia Anymore: My

Frankenstein on a Big Screen with Big Music
By Martin Morse Wooster: I was at the American Film Institute on Friday night to see the 1931 Frankenstein. The added value this time was a score by Michael Shapiro. Frankenstein doesn’t have a score except for the main title and

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