AMAZING NEWS: November 4, 2018


Help Susana Sussmann move her family from Venezuela to Germany  Details here


NY Times Rectifying Past Mistakes with New Obituaries

Did Heinlein and Asimov Predict Trump’s Rise?

Talk About Retconning:  Iconic Western Paintings where all the men are women(here seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the guys are all ladies today.  Home, home on…)

Several White Supremacist-Adjacent Groups Banned From Facebook (make the usual bleatings about free speech.  FYI:  Facebook is not a governmental entity)

Satanists Sue Netflix

Resurrecting and Reclaiming Female SF Authors (our good friend Professor Yaszek is featured)


David Brin – a gift who keeps on giving:  40 Fabulous SF&F First Lines (David not afraid to include his own)

Oh to be a kid again!  This one won a Gemini Capsule!

The Watch has been greenlit by BBC America

Two More Marvel Character Series Set for Streaming Service

And a Deen Koontz Property is in Development

Flash!  aaaaAAAAAAA! Reboot gets a director

Beautiful Pig-nosed Nurse Prosthetic from The Outer Limits Goes on Auction (Have to admit, this OL episode freaked me the eff out!)

Jennifer’s Body – panned feminist horror flick, is now GOOD!

There’s a Starman sailing beyond Mars, he’d like to come and meet us, but orbital mechanics…

Old Man LOgan & Star Lord Together at Last

Did you get these SF movies?  Lots of People Didn’t

Low Budget DIY SF Film

Where to Stream New Horror

An LGBTQ-Centric Genre Anthology Series Produced by a Transgender Woman (surely the apocalypse is upon us! Throw some POCs and Semites in there and it’s Armageddon!)

Star Trek Discovery Once Again Defends Itself (what I want to know is, if season two is the “Star Trek your grandpa loved”, what the heck was season 1?)

What Makes More Money at the Box Office?  Witches, Ghosts or Zombies?  (Ghost Zombies, I’m betting)


TODAY:  Joe Hill att Beford NH Public Library Event

Semtow Sucharitkul Gets Permission to Perform Jesus Christ Superstar in Thailand

A Fanzine that Goes Against Community Standards and Doesn’t Truck with “Nufandom”

Revising Lovecraft — Risky Business

A Possible New Steampunk Con is in the offing

Got an hour and a half?  Good, you can learn ALL about the politics of Starship Troopers

Romania Bids for Eurocon

TOR Releases New Editions of Scalzi’s Works

SF by Women That Should Be Films NOW

TOR’s November Releases

Someone Got Something Scientific Wrong in that Blockbuster SF Movie (invoking waste product and a famous fictional detective here)

How to Become a Concept Artist

How to Become a Comic Book Author

When Science Fiction and Scientology Went Their Separate Ways


HAVE to lead with this one:  Twerking Bots May Soon Be In Your Home

There’s a Starman sailing beyond Mars, he’d like to come and meet us, but orbital mechanics…

More Musk

A Bose-Einstein Condensate – in spaaaaaaace!

Is there an Insect Die-Off Going On?

Virgin Orbit is Going to Launch a Rocket From a 747

Science Can’t Replace Religion (like it ever wanted to:  more aptly titled how to write a book based on a non-existent argument)

Database of Scientific Retractions Goes Online (a similar database for political retractions is unlikely to be created before the heat death of the universe)

Quantum-Entangled Bacteria.  Yes, it might be a thing (and to think I laughed at giant Tardigrades in space!)

Just in Time to Miss Halloween – the Scariest Places in the Universe

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