Save Space On Your Shelves For These Amazing Space Bookends

We all know that bookends are awesome. We also all know that there’s often little space on the bookshelf for them. But I implore you to consider picking up spare bookcases in order to add some of these incredible space bookends to your shelves. Not only will that spread your books out, but it’ll make your books and shelves look even more out of this world (#SorryNotSorry).

Find below a collection of fun, unique space bookends. I have included everything from the planets to stars and then some. Some of these are limited-run or single-sale bookends, meaning that they might not be available when you click through. I’d suggest poking around with some of the words to describe the bookends (e.g. “crescent moon vintage book ends”) to pull similar or identical bookends from other sellers.

Amazing Space Bookends


Let’s start with these rad customizable zodiac bookends. Pick your sign and let your books dazzle in style. $67 and up.



Choose your color of preference for these starry space bookends. $60.



These coral-colored metal bookends are unique, bright, and just a lot of fun. Show off the stars and the moon. $69.



This set of vintage crescent moon bookends are not only gorgeous, but they’re the kind of bookends you’ll hold onto forever—especially because they’re a bit of an investment at $385. This is a highly collectable set from the 1930s, so you’re getting something really special, too.


How fun is this set of metal and wood moon phase bookends? $35.



Speaking of moon phase bookends, how much fun is this set of hand painted moon phase bookends? I love the fact the moon is along the bottom of a soaring mountain. $45.


Choose your own color scheme for this star and moon bookend set. $59.



You can choose from among a few different colors to make these metal star bookends perfect for your shelves. $49.



These moon bookends are textured! I’m super into the fact they’re not only fun to look at, but they would be fun to touch, too. $60 and up.



These limestone star bookends will ensure your books never, ever fall over. $162.



3…2…1…Blastoff! You can pick from a few different colors for these metal spaceship bookends. $73.


This hand painted set of bookends featuring Jupiter, Saturn, and a rocket might say they’re for kids, but no one will judge you if they’re on your bookshelf. $60.



For all of your spacewalk dreams, this astronaut bookends set is just perfect. $65.



It’s a set of spacesuit bookends! You can choose what country flag you’d like on the shoulder, too. This set is so creative and clever. $59.



Paint these rocket bookends yourself or leave them in their natural wood state. $20.



These starry sky bookends are for everyone who loves a good night under the dark sky and identifying constellations. $64.

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