EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Isle of Gold’ & Its Upcoming Sequel

This October marks the one-year anniversary of Seven Jane’s The Isle of Gold and we are thrilled to be releasing a brand new book trailer for The Isle of Gold, which is a multi-category bestseller! Not only that, but a sequel has been announced today and The Sea of Glass will release in June 2020!

Read on to discover the book trailer and learn about the Daughters Jones trilogy, including the book trailer, an excerpt from The Isle of Gold, and the official synopsis for The Sea of Glass. Plus if you’re after a copy, the publisher (Black Spot Books) is hosting a giveaway to win a signed paperback!

In The Isle of Gold, Merrin Smith must face perilous waters, cursed sea goddesses, and the embodiments of some of the ocean’s most terrifying legends as she not only struggles to survive her journey, but to find the answers to the mysteries of her past.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more or perhaps you’ve already read The Isle of Gold, then be sure to check out the synopsis below! We also have a small peek at the upcoming cover reveal too!

Sea of Glass Seven JaneA NEW CAPTAIN HAS RISEN

Merrin’s journey to the mythical Isle of Bracile was only the beginning. On the seas between one world and the next, she uncovered the secrets of her past and took her rightful name, arising as Merrin Jones, daughter of the infamous Captain Davy Jones and the sea goddess Melusine.

Merrin also discovered the truth of the curse that binds her—and those she loves—to the Sea.

Now, as the Caleuche sails in hopes of reclaiming the Riptide, Merrin will find herself torn not only between two worlds, but also between the love of Tom Birch and Claudette Abobi. When the ocean splits as wide as her heart, Merrin will be forced to choose between the part of her that belongs to the land and that which belongs to the water. Her loyalties will be questioned and the fate of all she loves tested when the Sea calls Merrin home.

With the same blend of history of fantasy that brought the sea to life in The Isle of Gold, the Daughters Jones Trilogy continues as Merrin explores the very depths she will go to in order to save herself, her family, and both the man and woman she loves in The Sea of Glass.

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