AMAZING NEWS: 2/24/19: PSA: This Year is Not a Leap Year


Rather than getting a youngster’s blood transfused, go read Spinrad’s Bug Jack Barron

Teach Them Financial Skills in High School

Nuclear Tattoos

World’s Oldest Comic Shop Needs Your Help


For Your Consideration:  Art

Alternate Mashup

Bigger on the Inside:  Tardis Costume

GRRM’;s Nightflyers Cancelled

We DON’T Want Spock!  (on our money)

Information Please Huge Success at Capricon 39 (Full disclosure:  Amazing Stories sponsors this game show)

Will the Real Harlan Please Stand Up:  LA Times review of ADV Unearthed

More Art

AOC Gets Comicbook

Steve Stiles Art

The Science Fighters

If You Like Dragons, Read This

Chinese SF Epic Wandering Earth Comes to Netflix


NEFSA Concludes Deal to Distribute ISFic Books:  Launches with McGuire Velveteen titles, soon to include all ISFiC titles

(Older) Paul Levinson Addresses ‘Fake News’

By the Numbers:  SF Book Recommendation Tool

Multiverse Science Fiction and Fantasy Con

The Year’s Best, Collated

GRRM’s Hugo Picks

Discover Sci Fi Suggests Top Ten of All Time List

Best New Books for February


Hayabusa 2 Makes Contact

Science Fiction Day at Science Museum

Fantastic Video of How an Ecology Works

House Science Committee Now About Science

Aging Reversal.  For Mice

Long Duration Spaceflights Adding a New Position to Commander, Pilot, Mission Specialist:  Class Clown

By the light, by the light of the super moon

First Mammalian Global Warming Extinction Confirmed

Israeli Moon Probe on the Way

Neutron Star Radiation Blasted at Earth (shades of the purple ray!)

Youtube Demonitizes Anti-vaxxer Channels

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