Wow. Tons of new releases being announced. New shows shelved and trailered. Multiple signals from deep, deep space. Celebrity birthing stories and, believe it or not, a lot more!


Ages ago, I watched Carol Burnett describe child birth and pregnancy by stating “grab your lower lip and pull it over your head”;  here, celebrity moms give their own takes

A “Complete” Psychoanalysis of Trump Supporters (translates largely to “trying to convince them otherwise is futile”)

Live, From the Oval Office…better get me a bucket….

Worshiping Watchmen when the fans don’t know what it’s about


Interesting “Dieselpunk” art gallery

Captain Marvel – latest trailer

StarShipSofa Episode 570 inquires about crowdsourcing space travel (I’m up for it. Here’s my pitch: does having a stent increase the risk of space travel? Lets find out!)

Weird City Trailer is funny…and weird

King Kong, The Musical (seriously, it’s a real thing and, apparently, pretty darned good)

Star Trek Autograph T

The Magic:  Ten Zelazny Tales, released.  Forward by Chip Delany

(Entertainment?  mmm, yeah): Did Valarian comic “inspire” Star Wars?  (ummm no)

Old In Search of History Episode on Science Fiction.  Niven proclaims “Science Fiction writers are predictors of the future.”

That Edelman guy who runs around eating with everyone?  He’s got royalties coming from a Drax vs Thanos comic

What NOT to use for a Bookmark

Not my Spock:  Bearded Discovery Spock is having a crisis

CBR Ranks Greatest Super Hero Moments of 2018

New Avenger’s End Game Theory  (Mini Editorial:  You know, when I was growing up, there was no such thing as movie franchises….)

SF Films Set in 2019:  What they got right – and – what they got wrong

Books coming in 2019

Excerpt:  The Kingdom

Using SF to Name Your Baby?  No.  (Someone named their kid “Ender”….)

4th Pointless Alternative Timeline Action Adventure Trek Shelved and It’s ALL Star Wars Fault (including park prices going up)

DeNardo Recommends Reads over at Kirkus

Vision and Scarlet Witch Series Update

IO Trailer (we’ve had Europa and The Titan, I guess it’s Io’s turn)

Punisher, Season 2 Trailer

TOR Celebrates Jack Vance


Anas Abdin vs Star Trek Discovery lawsuit moves forward.  (So let me get this straight:  they had to steal the idea of giant space tardigrades…!?)

SFWA Amicus Brief Delivered to Supreme Court

Gibson is the latest SFWA Grand Master

Recommended Reading for Those Attending Dublin

Father of the Bride of Frankenstein, Daniel Kimmel’s latest novel, released

Alba E Garcia-Rivas has been shut out by the shut down.  If anyone has a job…

CJ Cherryh’s Latest Alliance Novel Released

Paul Di Filippo’s Third Volume of PLUMAGE FROM PEGASUS to be released

NYTimes Pays writer to ask if it pays to be a writer

Fallen by MIlton Davis available for pre-order

Stan Lee Memorial Set for January 30th

Claire Eddy Promoted to Executive Editor at Tor/Forge

MosCon will be hosting a Relaxacon

Carol Cummings annouces release day for Don’t Fear the Reaper

RIP W. Morgan Sheppard

How to Create a Wiki for your World

25 Upcoming Debuts from B&N


Space Duet:  Earth and Bennu

More FRB’s from Deep Space, including the second known repeater (when I’m calling you ooooo)

Lightning From Space

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