AMAZING NEWS: 6-7-20 – Black Lives Matter Edition

From all around the world come millions of voices demanding an end to systemic racism in the United States, and in other countries as well. It looks like a water shed moment. It feels like a water shed moment. We sincerely hope it is a water shed moment. Long live the memory of George Floyd as a symbol of a better life for everyone and equal justice for every one. A life lost, but not in vain.

Things you can do in addition to speaking out

Uncle Hugos destroyed, DreamHaven vandalized.  Two Twin Cities book store icons attacked under cover of protests.  Support funds can be found at the links.

Where is Starman? You can find out here

The Duty of a Black Writer

Bob Madle Named the Hugos (He was 100 years old five days ago)

Support Black Owned Businesses

US Now on List of Countries it is Dangerous for Journalists to VisitSad‘.

Police killings, supremacist riots, global warming, hurricane season, earthquakes, murder hornets and now an ASTEROID HURTLING TOWARDS EARTH! (No, it’s not even coming close)

Imagine having to keep all of this in mind before you leave your home:  Black Teens have to

Space Missions That Never Got Off the Ground

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Pike) gets early approval


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