SPECIAL NOTE: This Friday, at the Westin Boston Waterfront hotel in Boston, I will be participating in Boskone 54, coincidentally being chaired by one of our long-time contributors – Erin Underwood (yay Erin!). I will be contributing to and/or moderating the following four panels:

Temperament and the Writer: How can a writer cope with the ups and downs of the writing biz? We thought about using the following title and description, but not all writers are miserable depressives!, with Leigh Perry, Esther Friesner, Richard Shealy and Ian Randall Strock
Geek Is Chic — Or Is It?:Twenty years ago, being a geek was definitely not a social asset. But modern society, marketing, and media are now branding geek as chic. With Frank Wu, Dan Moran, Flourish Klink and Leslie J. Turek.
A Cataclysm of Cats! Redux: with Lorraine Garland, Esther Friesner, Tamora Pierce and Bruce Coville
My Favorite Monster: Which monstrous creations have given us the greatest emotional response? with Vincent Di Fate, Adam Stemple, Julie C. Day and Bob Eggleton.
Boskone 54. Please join us.


Trump’s Muslim Ban and the Free Press

The Failure of Free Speech (via Something Terrible)

L Ron Hubbard Didn’t Really Like SF


SF authors weight in on climate change

The Great Martian War of 1913 (great short video)

Everyone is Linking to This

A Message for the President from Mordor (via Joseph Zitt)

Infinity War First Look

Otto Binder Letter (1938)


How To SAFELY Leak Stories to the Marshall Project

SFWA on Copyright Reform

Use Mobile Devices to Schedule Your Boskone

Writers of the Future team up to promote the future

Corflu Group Travel Rates

Reissue of Boucher & McComas F&SF The Eureka Years Anthology

New Release: Mouth of the Dragon

Edge Lit Prize Bundle

SFWA:  February Market Report


We’ve Had a 2nd Moon for a Hundred Years Now

Green Comet, Lunar Eclipse

Bill Nye’s New Show to Shove Science in Everyone’s Face

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 to Launch from Historic Pad LC 39-A

Netflix February Sci-Tech Shows

See me down there?  I’m somewhere under that winter storm


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