Harrison Ford Forgets to Inflate Life Raft and Jump Out of the Plane…

Ford crashes private plane. Walks away. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Jack Ryan – crashed his collectible plane this afternoon near Venice California.

Early reports state Ford only suffered relatively minor injuries.

Looks like he did an Indy Jones job of emergency flying and turned in a pretty good landing on a Golf course, after threading the needle through banks of trees.

UPDATE 3-6-2015

Harrison Ford suffered “moderate” injuries following the crash of his single engine vintage plane.  News reports claim cuts, bruises and perhaps some broken bones.  Ford is currently resting in hospital.

Ford is no stranger to plane crashes, having crashed a helicopter during training exercises;  he has also used his aircraft and piloting skills for humanitarian purposes.

According to news reports, Ford managed to avoid a built up suburban area during his emergency landing, possibly saving numerous lives.  Two physicians on the golf course where the crash landing took place were the first to respond.

Harrison Ford’s film alter egos are no strangers to flying incidents; our headline references one such from the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.




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