PSA: Register. VOTE

Register and vote

Regardless of your political orientation, the 2018 Mid-Term elections are shaping up to be monumentally important on a whole host of issues.

This nation was founded on and fought a war over representation. Democracy (representative democracy) does not work (well) when those being represented do not participate.

The time for registering by mail has already passed in some states (though options still remain). has state by state details and links.  It shouldn’t take but a few minutes.

If you want to vote, registration is a requirement.  Further, with all of the confusion, changes and potentital administrative disenfranchisment going on, the earlier you register, the more chance you’ll have to work through any hiccups that might occur.

This is not a red or blue, left or right issue, it’s a central, purple issue.



More resources:

Map of states allowing same-day voter registration

State by state polling times

Rock the Vote’s Registration Page’s Find Your Polling Place

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