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Earlier this week, the Experimenter Publishing Company’s Brain Trust (see pic) made the difficult yet considered decision to break its own moratorium on revealing anything about its booth or products that will be unveiled at Worldcon76.

We did so by unveiling the Amazing Stories enamel pins we’ll have on hand at the convention on Facebook –

(which will be available for purchase following the convention), and shortly thereafter we also released a pic of the books that have been produced under license to Futures Past Editions

Ten titles and counting.

These are currently available on Amazon in both print and electronic editions:

The Best of Amazing Stories The 1926 Anthology
The Best of Amazing Stories The 1927 Anthology
The Best of Amazing Stories The 1928 Anthology
The Best of Amazing Stories The 1929 Anthology
The Best of Amazing Stories The 1940 Anthology*

Facsimile Editions

Amazing Stories Annual
Amazing Stories May 1944
Amazing Stories September 1944
Amazing Stories GIANT 35th Anniversary Edition


Amazing Stories Classics – The Seeds of Life by John Taine

*published out of sequence for the 1940 Retro Hugo Awards

Of course, we’re still not going to show you the first new print issue of the magazine since 2005, the Fall 2018, Volume 76, Number 1 issue as that little reveal is being reserved for the attendees of the convention (we’ve declined the offer of extra security at the booth.  We think we can manage the crowd, even if our plans for a pneumatic magazine launching gun have gone awry – we found that 100 magazines in the magazine was just too unweildy…and anything less would not allow us to keep up with the demand.

But of course copies will be mailed out to subscribers immediately following the convention and both electronic and print editions will be available through our websiteS.


Yes.  We’re currently working on splitting the website into two separate entities – AmazingStories and AmazingStoriesMag – which will individually be devoted to the blog and to the magazine.

Along with that will also come a long over-due revamping of our online store where you will be able to purchase subscriptions, pins, individual book and issue copies, our line of posters, shirts and more.


At the convention, I have been officially scheduled for the following events:


17 Aug 2018 Friday 09:00 – 10:00, Lower Level Plaza (San Jose Convention Center)
Join some of our program participants for a casual walk around the convention center.  Meet in the Lower Level Plaza area.
I’ll be joined by Debra Nickelson, Greg Hullender, and Libia Brenda Castro



19 Aug 2018, Sunday 12:00 – 13:00, 210F (San Jose Convention Center)
Fans aren’t immune from the very human impulse to form “tribes.” This is fine until warfare (usually with words as weapons) breaks out. How are the tribes best pulled back together into the bigger tribe we call fandom?
I’ll be hashing this out with Anastasia Hunter, Bridget McKinney and K.M. Szpara

and finally

Amazing Stories is listed on the Exhibitor’s page of the Worldcon76 website (at least temporarily in the lead spot!) as occupying booth “R3”.  Assuming that location codes contain some logic to their nomenclature, I note that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America booth is located at “R1-R2”, which probably makes us neighbors.  Won’t that be cool?!

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