AMAZING NEWS: 5-27-2018


Alan Bean 1932-2018

Apollo 12 Mission Video

Skylab Gymnastics

Alan Bean Art “You can create the very first paintings in all of history of a place other than our own planet,” they said. “Your paintings will forever be the first paintings of the many other worlds humans will visit as the centuries unfold.”

Because of this unprecedented opportunity and challenge, I resigned from NASA in 1981 to devote all of my time and energy to painting, celebrating the great exploration that was Apollo.”

Long Interview

Jack Clemon’s Coverage of the famous “SCE to AUX” Incident


Cat Rambo announces her new novel Hearts of Tabat and has this to say:

If you’re familiar with my previous novel, Beasts of Tabat, this is the same world, but familiarity with the first novel is not necessary to this book, which also serves as an introduction to the series. (Though if you’d like it, here’s a Storybundle with it!)




Happy 83th Birthday to Harlan Ellison!  (Don’t forget, Segaloff’s bio, A Lit Fuse, is up for a Hugo this year!)


“SWATing” is Not a Game:  Swatters Indicted

Hundreds of Swastikas Painted on Illinois Cemetary Tombstones

Muslim Students Assaulted:  You Don’t Deserve American Food

Speaking Spanish Can Get You Detained

Female Economist is Upending Our Notions of Money

Testament at Cannes

Detailed Analysis of the Mueller Investigation

Charlie Stross Paints a Disturbing Picture of the Future

Business:  Measuring Performance by Metrics Can Backfire (well duh!)

Amazon, Now Selling Facial Recognition Software to Police (how many more reasons do we need…?)

VPNFilter Malware Affecting Home Routers

Takei Accuser Walks Back Story, then Walks Back the Walk Back

Fred is FREE!  Fred the Octopus Gets Help From Fish Seller (It’s a good idea not to eat ‘alien’ intelligent species.  They might have friends.  With Starships. Squids, maybe. They’ll be looking for someone named ‘Margaret’.)


The Heinleins and the Clarkes.  After dinner, bridge, I suspect

Kelly Freas & Queen:  Still Going Strong.

In the film’s parlance:  Deadpool 2 Sits on Infinity War’s Face


Five of the Interet’s Dumbest Debates

Watch the MCU in Chronological Order

Teletubby Bagged During UK Safari

Disney Announces Opening Dates for Galaxy’s Edge

Troll Bridge Trailer (there used to be one under every bridge.  Guess those billygoats were too effective!)

GRRM is Becoming an Entertainment Powerhouse

New Incredibles 2 Heroes

Ant Man and the Wasp Art Book

Deadpool 2 Extended Cuts

Galactic Journey Suggests Space Patrol Suffers from Wooden Acting

Tesla Roadster vs Asteroids Game

Moon Slippers

Hey!  How’d Thanos Actually Get the Infinity Gauntlet?  Script Writers Try to Clean Up Continuity Mess

A Roundup of SF Podcasts

Asgardia, the Space Kingdom, Hosting Parlimentary Elections


Hugo Voter Packet:  Still Being Worked On

Chris Garcia to Edit WOOF

Shannon Hale & FanX

Steve Wright offers up some insightful Hugo Finalist Reviews

Mur Lafferty’s DMCA Story for the EFF

Free Pulps Online

TOR Author’s Appearance Schedule

Seanan McGuire Authors the X-Men

Ken Burnside of Ad Astra Games Hinted He Might Be Looking for Authors

A Look at the History of Chinese SF in Translation

Praise Deadpool2 for LGBTQI Inclusion?  Not so fast…


AirTrain or Trackless Trolley?

Outer Planets Tour (featuring Hardy Art)

Crow Funerals

Orbital ATK & NASA Launch Successful ISS Resupply Mission

EmDrive:  More Testing Suggest BS (no matter how much we may want it to work)

Sally Ride First Day Covers

Curiosity is Drilling Again

Pale Blue Dot Redux

Automated Checkout Machines Being ‘Pushed’ on Consumers 

Way More Than That!  11 Times SF Novels Influenced Tech

Mussels Off Seattle Found to Have High Levels of Opioids

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