ETA 11:46 am 4/24/18

The system appears to be working now.

Please note that the menu option to submit a story will NOT appear at the top of the page until AFTER an account has been registered.

Also please note that even if you are registered with the website, you must still create a username and password for the submission engine.

If you try again and still have no success, try leaving the site entirely and then going back to it; emptying your cache will have the same effect.


Just a quick note to let you all know that there have been several reported instances of people not being able to register or submit through our new submissions site.

We are looking into these issues, have already made some corrections and will continue to work to make it a smooth and glitch-free enterprise.

Testing was conducted, but when a project moves from small scale to large scale, it often uncovers issues not previously anticipated, nor revealed by testing.

As we progress, we will be making announcements here.

The program/page is still active and apparently some folks have been able to register and submit, so give it a whirl, or just keep checking back here.

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