AMAZING NEWS: 3-25-2018

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You Go, ‘Kids’:  Finish What We Started in the 60s! and From Space

Nation’s First Autonomous Vehicle Death

Gay Bunny Book Outsells VP Pence’s Not Gay Bunny Book

Women’s Secret Compromises (via Pretty Terrible)

Did Facebook Go Too Far (this time?) and How to Delete Your Facebook Account (really…maybe)

Now Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day:  French Feminists Want Sex Doll Brothel Shuttered

Law Suit Against NAZI May Proceed


Black Panther Number One Grossing Superhero Film of ALL Time

Somtow Sucharitkul (Mall World) conducts the Siam Sinfonietta – Star Wars Throne Room

Apollo 11 Capsule Tour

We’re ALWAYS Up for Giant Creatures Rampaging Through Cities

The Magnus Effect, Aussie Accent Edition

Not Sure if this is Entertainment:  Bezos Takes Robot Dog for a Walk

Pick Up Some Modern Golden Era Pulp:  Slaves of the Switchboard of Doom

Inaccurate Demotivational Astronomy


Karen Anderson, March 17, 2018

How Not to Obtain Collectibles for (almost) Free

SF Romance Brigade Weekly Update

Portugal’s 38th SFFH Film Festival

Amazing Stories April 1963 Review

New Scientist Live Show

How to Find New SF & F

TAFF Voting Ends SOON

NYRSFR: Christ Claremont and Chandler Klang Smith

Women’s Fantasy & SF edited by Susanna J. Sturgis

BSFS Amateur Writing Contest


Hawking’s Last Paper Proposes Method for Discovering the Multiverse

The World’s Oldest Illustration of the Night Sky

A Complete Galactic Plane

Astronomy Highlights for March thru May

NASA is Helpless: Bennu is Coming

Brain Uploads:  Might be “Abbie” Normal

Gold Rush:  Russian Cargo Plane Fail

NASA’s Tribute to Hawking

Aurora Named ‘Steve’ Returns

Curiosity Has Spent Over 2,000 Days on Mars

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