Documentaries, Behind the Scenes, and Plain Old Fansplaining
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Superman A look back at the making of the classic 1978 blockbuster Hulk Backstory on the 1978 to 1982 CBS tv series and some outtakes from the show. Star Trek Here is a look

Pixel Scroll 3/24/18 It Would Be The Last Pixel In The World That Scrolled By Molly Grue
START AN INVESTIGATION. “Why the Hell Are These Books Out of Print?” demands James Davis Nicoll in a post at Here are a few of his examples: Chester Anderson’s 1967 The Butterfly Kid is the first volume in

Marvel Knights: Black Panther
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: The 2010 animated mini-series Black Panther is available on YouTube. Episode 1 At a White House briefing, a history of the African nation of Wakanda is given. Highlighted are an early story of an attack by

Pixel Scroll 3/23/18 It’s A Beautiful Day In The Pixel Scroll. Won’t You Be My Filer?
SPIT TAKE. All you short fiction fans pay attention: “Short Story Dispenser to spit out free stories at three locations around Philadelphia” reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Like picking up a pack of Oreos from the cafeteria vending machine, a

Cats Sleep on SFF: How to Stop Time
Sheila Strickland writes: Attached is photo of my C. C. (Cuddle Cat) hoping that if he concentrates hard enough the mental waves of How to Stop Time will induce me to stay home and pet him rather than going off

Pixel Scroll 3/22/18 And The Pixels Were All Kept Equal By Hatchet, Ax And Saw
TECH IMPROVED, ETHICS STAYED THE SAME. The Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne Jr., in “Yes, we should be outraged about Facebook” analyzes The 480, a 1964 near-future sf novel by Eugene Burdick (co-author of Fail-Safe) in which “people who work

Deadpool 2: The Trailer
Deadpool 2 in theaters May 18. After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste.

Finding New Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Short Form
By Rob Thornton: In the Pixel Scroll for March 11, 2018, the Filers discussed a blog post from Kevin Drum of Mother Jones, which alleged that science fiction was “no longer writing” what he wanted to read. As a result

A Place, a World
By John Hertz: Today is World Poetry Day. I’ve called attention to Hâfez, Homer, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Li Po, and Wallace Stevens, not to mention Elizabeth Barrett Browning – oops, too late. So here’s something by E. E. Cummings. I

Pixel Scroll 3/21/18 Where In The Scroll Is Pixel Sandiego?
WHAT FILERS LOVE. Rocket Stack Rank’s Eric Wong put together a page summarizing the Filers’ Hugo nominations for the three short-fiction categories: “Annotated 2017 File 770 List for Short Fiction”. Here are some highlights: In the Annotated 2017 File

Cats Sleep on SFF: Worldcon 76 PR
Bonnie McDaniel says, “Here’s a picture of Sweetie next to my WorldCon progress report.” Photos of other felines resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

Trigger Snowflake and the Legal Clothes
By Ingvar: Having finally tied the nuptial knot with his beloved Coraline, Trigger Snowflake slowly walked through the front doors of the chapel, out onto Main Street, Coraline’s dainty hand cradled in his elbow. The general admiration and happiness from

Pixel Scroll 3/20/18 If You Are Stuck In A Kerfuffle, Pixel A Trench And Scroll Your Way To Freedom
#METOO. Pat Cadigan opened up about her #metoo experiences in a public post on Facebook. Heard Germaine Greer on BBC Radio 4 this morning, disparaging #metoo Germaine should also talk about welding, engineering, astrophysics, and brain surgery, because she

Diversity again
By John Hertz: Where I live it’s the first day of spring. For Bruce Gillespie, the New Zealand for 2020 Worldcon bid, and like that, it’s fall. Diversity again. Easier said than done, but worthy of both. I like to

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn’t) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions — #27
The State of My Union – An Personal Assessment By Chris M. Barkley: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the

Pixel Scroll 3/19/18 Scroll Miner’s Data
READ FOR LIFE. Inc. tells “Why Reading Books Should be Your Priority, According to Science”. People who read books live longer That’s according to Yale researchers who studied 3,635 people older than 50 and found that those who read

2018 Lord Ruthven Awards
The winners of the 2018 Lord Ruthven Assembly awards, presented for the best fiction on vampires and the best academic work on the study of the vampire figure in culture and literature, were announced at this year’s International Conference on

Stephen Lawson Wins 2018 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award
The winner and runners-up for the 2018 Jim Baen Memorial Award competition have been announced. GRAND PRIZE “Homonculus” by Stephen Lawson FIRST RUNNER-UP “Dangerous Company” by C. Stuart Hardwick SECOND RUNNER-UP “Falling to the Moon” by Wendy Nikel Stephen Lawson’s win

2017 Kitschies Shortlist
The 2017 Kitschies Award shortlist has been revealed. The prize, sponsored by Blackwell’s, is given to “the year’s most progressive, intelligent and entertaining science fiction.” The winners will be announced in a ceremony on April 9, and receive a total

Pixel Scroll 3/18/18 The Beast That Scrolled ‘Fifth!’ At The Heart Of the World
LA VINTAGE PAPERBACK SHOW. John King Tarpinian snapped a photo of the full house at today’s event. I staffed the Loscon table for a couple of hours, then unfortunately need to retreat home and nurse a bad back. (2) … Continue

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