Exclusive Excerpt: Black Alithe by Nicholas Fife (a Folklore: Affliction Tale)

From the world of Folklore: The Affliction, we bring you an excerpt from the tale of Black Alith

Read our exclusive excerpt from Nicholas Fife’s Folklore: The Affliction  short story Black Alith.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

Black Alithe has spent her life feared and ostracized by the people of Kremel, feared as a witch and forced to live in the shadows of Olo-Pelios, that most ancient and arcane edifice of forbidden knowledge. But when a creature of shadows and lies comes to Kremel she may need them more than they need her. Can Alithe overcome the fears of her fellow Kremelrans? Or will both she and they fall prey to the demon’s machinations?

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