AMAZING NEWS: 9-10-2017

SPECIAL NOTE: Dr. Jerry Pournelle passed away 9/8/2017.  He was a major influence on the field in many ways – his fiction, his collaborations, his generosity, his service.  He could be prickly, he could be intimidating, he could be sympathetic.  Whether one agreed or disagreed with his many and varied positions on all manner of subjects, he always argued the facts.  I think it fitting that one of the most recent awards he received was the NSS’ Heinlein Award.  I greatly enjoyed much of his fiction, both that written by himself and in collaboration with others.  Amazing Stories wishes to extend its condolences to the Pournelle family and to the science fiction community.  He will be missed.

OTHER SPECIAL NOTE:  Seth McFarlane’s The Orville and WD spinoff Fear the Walking Dead both premiere this evening.  Fortunately FtWD opens at 9 pm (est) and tO opens at 10 pm (est).


Tyrus Wong Gets His Due

Clowns ‘Pissed’ at Stephen King (and:  editorial department NOT afraid of red balloons or clown makeup) (just goes to show you:  genre fiction really does have an impact on society)

What Happens When ALL Opinions are Valued Equally?  This


Worldcon Wayback Machine:  Magicon

Cocktails & Flash Fiction (is the page spinning or is it me?)

New Release:  The Darkness Within Us by Brooke Hodge

Fan Seeks Tardis

New Release:  Henry Man by Jason Norton

New Release:  Strikeforce Falcon:  Operation Komodo by Richard White

New Release:  Mad Shadows II by Joe Bonadonna

Creepy Chicks (it’s an homage!) (No Kardashians were harmed…probably shoulda been…)


Role Models

On the way to “Amazing Stories combined with Fantastic Stories”:  Fantastic Adventures combines with Fantastic

Are People Still Reading?

The Marketing of Star Wars:  Interview with Craig Miller

Sexual Harassment in the SF Community Survey Results (don’t ignore this!)

Lunacon Will NOT Have a 2018 Con


IRMA From Space

Bionic Lens:  Now you can look at things and you’ll hear di-di-di-di-di-di-di-di as you focus

In case you missed it Juno just did another flyby of Jupiter

“Sci Fi” Stuff on Display at Space Shuttle Discovery

19 Light Hours Away and Still Going:  Voyager 1

Neanderthals:  Learning How to ‘Stick’ Together 200,000 Years Ago

Note:  Featured Image By FlashSheridan at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Dunee., Public Domain,

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