AMAZING NEWS: 6-18-2017


Director Patty Jenkins shares Wonder Woman’s Impact

Austin TX Mayor to folks who complained about women-only screening of Wonder Woman

Want Your Drivers License to Reflect Your Gender?  Move to Oregon

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore:  Too many Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows


SFWA Youtube Channel Grandmaster Video Series

I get the point, I do, but aren’t super heroes supposed to look super? If Superheroes Had Real Bodies

Glad They’re Staying On the Island – Amazons

Russia 2259 AD  (can you say “where’s my flying sled?”)

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

Bloemkamp Releases First Short from Oats Studio

Choose Your Own Adventure Plot Maps

Scratch-Built Nautilus

Happy Birthday Wally Wood!


Catherynne Valente – Now Officially an SF Writer (Wins Sturgeon Award)

XPrize Announces SF Advisory Council  (see my editorial from a couple of weeks before)

Adam West Bat Signal Tribute

NIne Worlds Con Scheduled for Greece

Another Geek Running For Office (When Wu gets elected, they’ll have to form a Fannish Caucus)

Dark Carnival Bookstore Closing

…and just because Chandler had an award named after him – the Ditmars

New Releases:  A Lit Fuse paperback on sale

New Releases:  Next ish of Polar Borealis features Horror

Starship Conference 2017

David Gerrold’s Megapack Available Again


Hubble Ups Galaxy Count from Billions to Billions upon Billions

Zombie Fungus

Eyeborg or Eyegore?

3D Printed Rocket Engine

Does the planet smell a little funny?  No, it’s just Musk on Mars….

Gravity Waves (whether its hello or goodbye is anybody’s guess)

Not sure if this goes here (and see the piece about chocolate milk above):  KFC kinda almost launches chicken burger into space

NASA’s New Astronaut Class Has Jessica Watkins on Board

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