AMAZING NEWS: 2-5-2017

COMING THIS WEEK: Tuesday, The People’s Police by Norman Spinrad, Excerpt & Review


Minority President News:  When Things Go Wrong

Minority President News:  Trial Balloon for a Coup?

Minority President News:  Forest Rangers Lead the Way (via Rob Rubin Facebook)

Minority President News:  Olberman Apologizes to the World for Trump Election

Minority President News:  Jared Kushner Not Upholding Jewish Ideals


Sci Fi Short Films from StarShipSofa  (Nice film;  did not appreciate their using footage of Columbia’s breakup)

Crazy Star Wars Film Theory (crazy that we’re still watching these…)

Sea Serpent, Munsters, Spaceman & More Macy’s Parade Nostalgia

Buck Rogers Down Under

Young People Read Old Classic SF:  Zelazny

The Handmaid’s Tale (re-do) Trailer (remember, it’s NOT Science Fiction…on at least two levels)

Colonialism Expressed Through Sculpture Made with Chocolate

Most Anticipated Films of 2017 (Logan, Kong, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Ghost in the Shell….)


Cat Rambo to Seek Second Term as SFWA President  (Amazing Stories endorses Cat)

Third Annual Black Futures Month

New Release from Black Ribbon Press The Last Ride by J.T. Lozano

SF Smorgasboard:  Edelman’s Eating the Fantastic Episodes

GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comics


ISS Streaking From Mars (Shades of Wells)

Muffling Science

Meteorite on Mars

ISS Cargo Launch This Wednesday

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