More Publishers Cut Ties With Sunil Patel
Two more publishers have ended their connections with Sunil Patel in response to accusations about his conduct toward women aired on Twitter and summarized in the Pixel Scroll for October 16. Mothership Zeta made a “Staff Announcement” that Patel is no … Continue reading →

Christopher Kastensmidt: Muskets and Magic
By Carl Slaughter: The Fortuitous Meeting, the first in Christopher Kastensmidt’s Elephant and Macaw series, was nominated for a Nebula. He nicknamed the subgenre ‘muskets and magic.’ It is a mix of magic, monsters, adventure, and friendship, with a heavy … Continue reading →

The 1980 Timewarp Project
By Nicholas Whyte and Colette Fozard, Worldcon 75 Hugo Administration: Next year’s Hugo nominations will be the most complex ever, with six finalists for each award, a new tallying system, and a special category for Best Series. We are developing … Continue reading 

Three Dave Kyle Moments
By John Hertz: Many of us have lots of them. Here are three of mine. In April 2017 will be Lunacon LIX, the New York convention hosted by local club the Lunarians. For years I was such a regular attender … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 10/21/16 And Did Those Scrolls In Ancient Times Walk Upon England’s Pixels Green
Editor’s Note: There will be no Pixel Scroll on Saturday because I will be away at an event all day. I have scheduled a few other tender morsels to keep the conversation rolling. (1) POLLY WANNA SYLLABLE? Ann Leckie, one … Continue reading →

Jack Heckel’s Reimagined Fairy Tales
By Carl Slaughter: In the Charming Tales series, Once Upon a Time becomes Once Upon a Rhyme, Happily Ever After becomes Happily Never After, and the Sword of Destiny becomes the Pitchfork of Destiny. Harper Voyager Impulse author Jack Heckel … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 10/20/16 Pixeled In The Scroll By My Own Pixel
(1) PLAYING WITH REAL NUMBERS. Aaron tests the idea that EPH will not distort the results when there is no slate in a new post at Dreaming of Other Worlds. Find out what changed on the 2014 final Hugo ballot. … Continue reading →

2016 Geffen Awards
The winners of the 2016 Geffen Awards (Israel Speculative Fiction Awards) were announced at Icon in Israel on October 20. The results were livetweeted by Gili Bar-Hillel. Best Original Short Story “Requiem to Mathew” by Avial Tochterman Best Original Novel … Continue reading →

Undebatably Fantastic Fiction as KGB Readings Series Features Ketchum and Kiernan
By Mark L. Blackman: The “K” in KGB stood for Ketchum and Kiernan as, on the evening of Wednesday, October 19 – a record-breaking warm day and the night of the third and final Presidential Debate – the monthly Fantastic … Continue reading →

Logan Official Trailer
Logan, tenth installment in the X-Men film series, is based on the comic book series Old Man Logan by Mark Millar. Directed by James Mangold, the film stars Hugh Jackman, Sienna Novikov, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, and … Continue reading →

Antici….pation! Rocky Horror Picture Show Tonight
Fox airs its brand-new production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this evening (October 20). A reimagining of the original movie, the two-hour event follows sweethearts JANET (Victoria Justice, “Victorious”) and BRAD (Ryan McCartan, “Liv & Maddie,” “Heathers the Musical”), … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 10/19/16 The Pixel With The Ticks Will Be The Scroll That Is Droll
(1) IS IT DEAD JIM? BBC reports “Fears grow for European Schiaparelli Mars lander”, which arrived on Mars today. There are growing fears a European probe that attempted to land on Mars on Wednesday has been lost. Tracking of the … Continue reading →

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Sneak Peek Trailer
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is coming to theaters April 28, 2017. … Continue reading →

Kylie Chan’s Celestial Battles
By Carl Slaughter: While living in Hong Kong for several years, Australian native Kylie Chan extensively researched Chinese mythology and philosophy. After she returned to Australia, she read numerous fantasy novels. Combining all this, she wrote three trilogies about Emma, … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 10/18/16 Talkin ‘Bout My Pixelation
(1) BEVERAGE APPERTAINED. John King Tarpinian is insanely tickled by this visual reference from the latest Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episode, since Logan’s Run was co-authored by his late buddy George Clayton Johnson. (2) SOUND OFF. David Steffen’s Long List … Continue reading →

The Best Is Missed Unless Pop’s Around
By John Hertz: Mr. Dylan — not Mr. Dillon — won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Loud cries of How Right and How Wrong. I can see both sides. I am large, I contain multitudes. On October 13th the Los … Continue reading →

Call for TAFF Nominations
By Curt Phillips, TAFF Administrator, North America: The 2017 TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) race is now open for nominations for the North America to UK/Europe trip. The winning delegate will attend the 2017 World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki Finland, … Continue reading →

Diane Duane’s Young Wizard Series
By Carl Slaughter: J.K. Rowling has wrapped the Harry Potter series and has vowed not to return to it. If you or your children have an insatiable appetite for coming of age wizard stories, Diane Duane’s Young Wizard series is … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 10/17/16 Scrolls From Topographic Pixels
(1) TAKE NO PRISONERS OF ZENDA. Ian Sales’ title “When I read a story I skip the explanations” introduces an extremely skillful dissection of a certain approach to science fictional worldbuilding that Sales compares to Ruritanian romance. That’s the essence of Ruritanian … Continue reading →

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