AMAZING NEWS: 6-3-2018

Battlestar Galactica, Avengers spoilers, sea monkeys, van Allen mystery solved, space tourism could really begin this year, a certain icon turns 50, and more!

SPECIAL NOTE: Numerous items this week were curated by Contributing News Editor Ruby Kapture.


What a Queer, Truly Equitable and Compassionate Future Might Look Like

One Good Reason the US Birth Rate is Declining

EU Copyright Law Threatening to Screw Things Up (via File 770)

ERA Ratified by Illinois, 37 Years Late.  Harlan Ellison STILL not giving Arizona one thin dime

Do No Evil = an Ever Expanding Military Drone Program?

How America Got Divorced From Reality (hint:  evangelicals)


Get Yer Laser Turret Here!  Death Star Pieces Up for Auction

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins Could be Offering Space Flight for Tourists THIS Year

Fans Going a Little Nuts:  Clues in Avenger’s Crew Jackets?

More Spoilage:  Drax Reveals Fate…Maybe

For Just Under $1000, you too can own a drone that will follow your car

Battlestar Galactica Game Deserves a Second Look

Take your stinking paws off me you damned, dirty…oh!  Cake!

Could Solo Be Opie’s Fault?


Real Retro Future:  Heinlein’s Predictions about Now

DSP Presents Lloyd A. Meeker’s Quarterly Blog

B&N Blog Picks the Best of May

Handmaid’s Tale – Frustratingly Wrong.  and Right.


Planet, Dwarf Planet, Plantesimal, Comet…Can’t we just call it Pluto?

Populating Mars May be Unsexy (who care? it’s MARS!)

Now We Know How the van Allens Accelerate Particles to Enormous Speeds

New Asia Pacific Sats

Ho-hum.  SpaceX Successful Launch and Land of Block 5 Falcon

More About Sea Monkeys Than You Can Shake a Banana At

More Planets in the Solar System?  We May Soon Know

There Might Still Be More Particles Out There

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