Amazing Stories is now on the path for the regular publication of new fiction.

Starting next month (October 2016), Amazing Stories will begin regular publication of fiction.

We’re starting with the winning stories from our Gernsback Writing Contest, and then will be filtering in a handful of stories we’ve recently acquired from both established Pros and New Voices.

Future announcements will provide the exact dates we’ll begin.

We can’t yet say whether or not this will be sustained on a regular schedule or not (we hope the answer is “it will be”), but this does represent a step forward.

These new stories will also be gathered together for an electronic and print-on-demand anthology we’ll be calling AMAZING STORIES – THE SPECIAL EDITION.

Don’t submit anything yet (we know you’re all eager), but one step at a time.  Lets see how well we do with this batch first.

Regardless, we’re really looking forward to this and hope that you enjoy these stories as much as we have!

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