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daisy gatorsElinor Caiman SandsDaisy Gator’s Little Book of Remarkable Persons

Eight astonishing stories of science fiction and fantasy. Stories of extraordinary people from Mars and the moons of Jupiter. Stories of disabled people and mutated, genetically altered people who face terrible threats and challenges but never give up. A mysterious pod crashes into the fragile community of one isolated world. A belligerent overlord threatens another. Here also are tales of amazing animals, half animals and fantastic creatures. Of talking alligators and magical birds. Humorous tales and touching tales.

HADRON1xStephen Arseneault: HADRON Dark Matter

The inventive beginning to an exciting, all encompassing sci-fi series! Military, galactic empire, first contact, alien invasion and adventure… this series has it all! The fight for Man’s survival in the galaxy begins now…

Since the discovery of dark matter only weeks before, massive electromagnetic storms have been bombarding the Earth. The power grids have been up and down. Cell service, land lines, TV, radio, and even cable have had interruptions. Man is sparsely prepared for the events that are coming.

In this first devastating book of the HADRON series, a small group of citizens take control of their own destinies when Earth’s relatively tranquil existence is shattered by a new reality… our galaxy is a hostile, unforgiving place. Can we survive a collapsing civilization before our true enemies even arrive?

BB Series 2_beth changeling redo_1600x2400E. D. Walker: The Changeling Child

Lady Beatrice thought the worst she would have to face as a new wife and mother was all the gossip about her past as the king’s mistress. Unfortunately, wicked fairies have come to her village, intent on stealing all the most attractive children away–and Beatrice’s newborn son is widely agreed to be the most beautiful baby in the land.

Before she can stop them, the worst happens and Beatrice’s son is taken, and a strange fairy changeling child left in his place.

Beatrice should revile the otherworldly creature, yet she finds herself growing fonder of him by the day. He could never replace her own son, but she finds her heart has room enough for the changeling child too. But the only way to reclaim her own son is to swap the children back.

Must Beatrice lose the changeling child to get her own son back, or can she figure out another way to save both children and keep them as her own?

Jonathan P. BrazeeCorpsman_CVR_XSML: Corpsman: Women of the United Federation Marines (book 3)

Corpsman is military science fiction in the United Federation Marine Corps universe.  It is the third book in the Women of the United Federation Marines series. Each book focuses on the careers of three women: two Marines and a Navy corpsmen. While all three protagonists are connected at one point, each of the novels stands alone in its own right.  Liege Neves became a corpsman for the medical training, hoping to turn that into a viable career once her enlistment was completed.  Being assigned to the Fleet Marine Corps, however, took her by surprise.  The novel follows her as she learns how to not only to care for the health of her bothers-in-arms, but to fight beside them as a fellow warrior.


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