AMAZING NEWS 8/7/2016 + Catch-Up

SPECIAL NOTE:  Happy 11th Anniversary to my lovely, wonderful, fantastic, understanding, surprising, AMAZING! wife!

Other Special Note:  This week’s news round-up includes items that were scheduled for last week’s news roundup

Other Other Special Note:  Check out Bob’s Toy Box Studios – more Doctor Smiths than even Will Robinson can handle, plus Robbie, Forbidden Planet and Destination Moonbobs


Pandemonium Book News; Krypton Radio; SFWA at Baltimore Book Fair


Women of NASA Minifigs

The Genre Culture War

Harley Quinn’s Feminist Anthem

Are Leading Women in Games Becoming Less Sexualized?

Shades of Bug Jack Barron:  Peter Thiel Wants Young People’s Blood (from Pretty-Terrible)


Fake Spock talks Fake Star Trek at SDCC

Coloring Book Image of the Universe Really Belongs Under Science Heading

How You Know You Are A Writer, You Introvert, You

SDCC:  How do you make those wonderful costumes?

StarShipSofat 445

Multi-Hans:  There will be many, many, many Han Solo films (because of course, now that he’s dead)

Oprah Added to A Wrinkle in Time Cast (!)

Caves of Steel Flick Being Scripted

TWD’s Morgan added to Blade Runner Sequel Cast

Harley Quinn Figure

Star Trek 50 Year Artist’s Gallery

Meet the Ravagers from GotG2

Lost Trek Footage Found

Retro Fan Art

Suicide Squad Has Great Opening

Dr. Strange

Trek News Roundup

TWD’s Negan:  Grrrrrrrr

Lego Mars Rover (Pretty Terrible)


Amazing Stories is now a shareholder in Legion M, the crowd-invested(?) Hollywood production studio

One Website’s Take:  Ten Best SF/F Novels of 2016

New Broom at DC

Women in Film Panel Interrupted by Idiot (male, of course)

Swedish SF Anthology

Star Trek. Next Generation.  Deep Space Nine. Voyager. Enterprise. Meet Discovery

YA Flash Fiction Contest

SFWA Grant Program

My Favorite Martin:  GRRM’s Wild Cards Coming to TV

Astronauts Attending Worldcon

Fake Trek 3 Script is now Fake Trek 4 Script


Perseids to be Best in Years (as long as there are no clouds!)

Tweets Confirm ‘X’ at Galactic Center

Orion Nebula as never colorized before

Final Home for Rosetta 

NdGT on 2001 (you know, you can sing his name to Also sprach Zarathustra, the opening theme (boom BOOM boom BOOM Boom BOOM TADAAAAAA!)

Hubble Looks at Exoplanet Atmospheres

Retro-Landers:  Sunset for Viking 1

Wild Animals CAN Communicate with (stupid) Humans (well duh – just pay attention and give them some credit)

11,000 Year Old Sponge

Light Powers Global Trek

Great Debate:  Life’s Origins –  Pond Scum or Sulpherous Hell Hole?


Pandemonium Book News
The Latest and Greatest in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature

In this newsletter you’ll find:

Author Events: Daniel José Older and Zoraida Córdova; Dianna Sanchez and Susan Jane Bigelow
Upcoming Local Events
Book Review: The Obelisk Gate
July Bestsellers
August New Releases

Sarah Reviews…

The Obelisk Gate, by NK Jemisin
Available August 16

Absolutely spectacular. If you have a horrible memory like I do, it may be useful for you to refresh your memory of The Fifth Season before you start—it jumps right in and it took me a bit to adjust since I read TFS almost a full year ago.

I love the worldbuilding in this series and it keeps getting more in-depth and fascinating as the series continues. I am continuously fascinated by the characters and the plot. The Obelisk Gate is a worthy follow-up to The Fifth Season. You won’t be disappointed!


Author Events

Daniel José Older and Zoraida Córdova
Thursday, September 22, 7:00 p.m.
Join Daniel José Older and Zoraida Córdova in a discussion about their books while they are in town for the Boston Teen Author Festival.

Daniel José Older is the author of both adult and young adult books, including Shadowshaper (Locus Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Book in 2016, Kirkus Prize Finalist for Young Readers’ Literature in 2015) and the Bone Street Rumba urban fantasy series, which starts with Half-Resurrection Blues.

Zoraida Córdova has a young adult fantasy series which is both called and starts with The Vicious Deep. Her new series, Brooklyn Brujas, starts with the release of Labyrinth Lost on September 6. Come celebrate the release of her new book!

Dianna Sanchez and Susan Jane Bigelow
Saturday, October 1, 7:00 p.m.
Dianna Sanchez and Susan Jane Bigelow have both just Kickstarted books, and we are excited to host their launch party!

Dianna Sanchez is celebrating the release of her middle grade fantasy novel, A Witch’s Kitchen, and Susan Jane Bigelow is celebrating the release of her young adult fantasy novel, The Demon Girl’s Song.


Local Events

Boston Comic Con
Friday, August 12, through Sunday, August 14
Seaport World Trade Center
Celebrity guests include William Shatner, Karen Gillan, Elizabeth Henstridge, John Barrowman, and Ciara Renée.

King Richard’s Faire
Weekends, September 3 through October 23

Come and escape your reality at King Richard’s Faire! Entertainment, exciting rides, and skilled games abound on the Faire’s enchanting 80-acre wooded site. You’ll be dazzled by acrobats, aerialists, and jugglers! Captivated with minstrels, dancers, and puppeteers, and instantly enthralled by fire eaters and exotic tigers. Hundreds of talented performers perform non-stop for you throughout the day when visiting any one of eight vibrant stages.


July Bestsellers

Four Roads Cross, Max Gladstone ($26.99)
The Nightmare Stacks, Charles Stross, ($27.00)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, JK Rowling, ($26.99)
The Aeronaut’s Windlass, Jim Butcher ($9.99)
Alliance of Equals, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller ($26.00)
The Annihilation Score, Charles Stross ($7.99)
The Fifth Season, NK Jemisin ($16.00)
The Seeds of Nightmares, Tony Tremblay ($12.99)
The End of All Things, John Scalzi ($8.99)
Beyond the Woods: Fairy Tales Retold, ed. Paula Guran ($15.99)


Upcoming August Releases

The Hanging Tree Aaronovitch, Ben $ 7.99 (pb)
Condemned by Fire Abnett, Dan $14.99 (pb)
Forge of War Abnett, Dan $14.99 (pb)
Doctor Who: City of Death Adams, Douglas $16.00 (pb)
What the #@&% Is That?: The Saga Anthology of the Monstrous and the Macabre Adams, John Joseph $16.99 (pb)
What the #@&% Is That?: The Saga Anthology of the Monstrous and the Macabre Adams, John Joseph $26.99 (hc)
Infinite Risk Aguirre, Ann $17.99 (hc)
Public Enemies Aguirre, Ann $10.99 (pb)
Betrayals Armstrong, Kelley $24.95 (hc)
Multiverse: Exploring the Worlds of Poul Anderson Bear, Greg $ 7.99 (pb)
Moxyland Beukes, Lauren $15.99 (pb)
Zoo City Beukes, Lauren $15.99 (pb)
The Aylesford Skull Blaylock, James P. $ 7.99 (pb)
The House of Shattered Wings Bodard, Aliette de $16.00 (pb)
Impact Boffard, Rob $ 9.99 (pb)
Thunderlord Bradley, Marion Zimmer $27.00 (hc)
Highway to Hell Brallier, Max $16.00 (pb)
The Empty Ones Brockway, Robert $24.99 (hc)
Swords V. Cthulhu: Swift Bladed Action in the Horrific World of H.P. Lovecraft Bullington, Jesse $13.99 (pb)
Angel of Storms Canavan, Trudi $15.99 (pb)
The Swarm Card, Orson Scott $25.99 (hc)
Breath of Earth Cato, Beth $14.99 (pb)
Spellbreaker Charlton, Blake $26.99 (hc)
Virtues of War: Ghosts of War Coles, Bennett R. $14.95 (pb)
Germanica Conroy, Robert $ 7.99 (pb)
Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge Correia, Larry $27.00 (hc)
Son of the Black Sword Correia, Larry $ 8.99 (pb)
The Deep Cutter, Nick $16.00 (pb)
The Troop Cutter, Nick $16.00 (pb)
Things From Outer Space Davis, Hank $ 7.99 (pb)
Redliners 20th Anniversary Edition Drake, David $16.00 (pb)
The Forgetting Moon Durfee, Brian Lee $25.99 (hc)
Poisoned Blade Elliott, Kate $17.99 (hc)
Unraveled Estep, Jennifer $ 7.99 (pb)
The Official Doctor Who Cookbook: 40 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Recipes Farrow, Joanna $19.99 (hc)
Dark Carousel Feehan, Christine $27.00 (hc)
Seoul Survivors Foyle, Naomi $26.99 (hc)
Dreamseeker Friedman, C.S. $ 7.99 (pb)
Flight from Mayhem: Fly by Night Galenorn, Yasmine $ 7.99 (pb)
Chimera Grant, Mira $14.99 (pb)
The Fifty Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. J. Abrams: The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek Gross, Edward $29.99 (hc)
Crooked Grossman, Austin $15.99 (pb)
Kinslayer Guymer, David $16.00 (pb)
Unholy War Hair, David $14.99 (pb)
Bone War: Harper, Steven $ 7.99 (pb)
Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Dragons Henson, Jim $24.99 (hc)
Eterna and Omega Hieber, Leanna Renee $25.99 (hc)
Dragon Heart Holland, Cecelia $15.99 (pb)
Blood of the Earth Hunter, Faith $ 7.99 (pb)
The Weaver Itaranta, Emmi $14.99 (pb)
The Obelisk Gate Jemisin, N. K. $15.99 (pb)
Curioddity Jenkins, Paul $26.99 (hc)
The Dream Quest of Vellitt Boe Johnson, Kij $14.99 (pb)
The End of the End: An Omnibus of Post Apocalyptic Fiction Kane, Paul $ 9.99 (pb)
Dragonmark Kenyon, Sherrilyn $27.99 (hc)
The Tommyknockers King, Stephen $ 9.99 (pb)
Ghost Talkers Kowal, Mary Robinette $24.99 (hc)
Nevernight Kristoff, Jay $25.99 (hc)
The Dead House Kurtagich, Dawn $10.99 (pb)
Ultramarines Kyme, Nick $16.00 (pb)
Alien vs. Predator: Armageddon: The Rage War 3 Lebbon, Tim $ 7.99 (pb)
The Silence Lebbon, Tim $ 7.99 (pb)
The Gentleman Leo, Forrest $26.00 (hc)
The Hunt for Vulcan: . . . And How Albert Einstein Destroyed a Planet, Discovered Relativity, and Deciphered the Universe Levenson, Thomas $16.00 (pb)
Worldshaker Lewis, J. F. $18.00 (pb)
The Dark Forest Liu, Cixin $15.99 (pb)
The Grace of Kings Liu, Ken $16.99 (pb)
Sixth Watch Lukyanenko, Sergei $15.99 (pb)
The Hike Magary, Drew $26.00 (hc)
Associates of Sherlock Holmes Mann, George $14.95 (pb)
Apocalypse Recon: Outbreak Mannering, Paul $9.99 (pb)
Dead to Rites Marmell, Ari $14.95 (pb)
High Stakes Martin, George R. R. $27.99 (hc)
Of Beauty and Darkness Martinez, Peggy $15.99 (pb)
Empress Game 2 Mason, Rhonda $14.95 (pb)
School for Sidekicks McCullough, Kelly $ 7.99 (pb)
The Chapter’s Due McNeill, Graham $16.00 (pb)
Succubus Shadows Mead, Richelle $ 7.99 (pb)
An Accident of Stars Meadows, Foz $ 7.99 (pb)
True Dark Meehan, Gary $ 9.99 (pb)
The Twice and Future Caesar Meluch, R. M. $ 7.99 (pb)
The Last Days of New Paris Mieville, China $25.00 (hc)
Joe Golem Occult Detective Volume 1 The Rat Catcher and The Sunken Dead Mignola, Mike $24.99 (hc)
The Gate of Sorrows Miyabe, Miyuki $26.99 (hc)
The Wolves of London: Obsidian Heart book 1 Morris, Mark $ 7.99 (pb)
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 4 The School of Death Morrison, Robbie $19.99 (hc)
The Sight Neill, Chloe $15.00 (pb)
An English Ghost Story Newman, Kim $ 7.99 (pb)
Clariel: The Lost Abhorsen Nix, Garth $ 9.99 (pb)
1636: The Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz Offord, Kerryn $16.00 (pb)
The Map of Chaos Palma, Félix J. $18.00 (pb)
The Dark World Parris, S.C. $16.95 (pb)
The Language of Dying Pinborough, Sarah $15.99 (pb)
The Shepherd’s Crown Pratchett, Terry $ 9.99 (pb)
Poseidon’s Wake Reynolds, Alastair $ 8.99 (pb)
Orbs III: Redemption Sansbury Smith, Nicholas $12.99 (pb)
The Lazarus War: Origins Sawyer, Jamie $ 9.99 (pb)
Mirror Image Scott, Michael $25.99 (hc)
Jeweled Fire: An Elemental Blessings Novel Shinn, Sharon $ 7.99 (pb)
Crash Silver, Eve $ 9.99 (pb)
The Glass Arrow Simmons, Kristen $ 9.99 (pb)
Wild Embrace: A Psy Changeling Collection Singh, Nalini $16.00 (pb)
Eagle in Exile Smale, Alan $ 9.99 (pb)
Fix Steinmetz, Ferrett $ 7.99 (pb)
Chasing the Phoenix Swanwick, Michael $16.99 (pb)
On to the Asteroid Taylor, Travis S. $24.00 (hc)
Spiderlight Tchaikovsky, Adrian $19.99 (pb)
The Beast Must Die Thorpe, Gav $17.50 (hc)
The 13 Clocks: Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition Thurber, James $15.00 (pb)
Camera Obscura Tidhar, Lavie $ 9.99 (pb)
War Without End Various $17.00 (pb)
The Two Torcs: Robin Hood: Demon Bane 2 Viguie, Debbie $14.95 (pb)
Behind the Throne Wagers, K. B. $14.99 (pb)
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 12 Wagner, John $25.00 (pb)
Pathfinder Tales: Starspawn Wagner, Wendy N. $14.99 (pb)
Star Trek: Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory’s Key Ward, Dayton $ 7.99 (pb)
Invasive Wendig, Chuck $25.99 (pb)
The Sacred Hunt Duology West, Michelle $18.00 (pb)
The Guns of Empire: Book Four of The Shadow Campaigns Wexler, Django $28.00 (hc)
Angel and Faith Season 10 Volume 5: A Tale of Two Families Whedon, Joss $18.99 (pb)


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The Baltimore Book Festival is from September 23-25th this year. As always, we will have a dedicated tent of SF/F programming throughout the festival.
Our programming will include panels, readings, interviews and signings. The official bookseller, the Ivy Bookshop, has also offered to have a separate SFWA author meet and greet at their shop in the weeks before the festival, for the local readers who aren’t into festival crowds.
If you’re a member who’d like to be an attending author this year, please answer the questions below and and send to by August 7th.

Baltimore Book Festival 2016 – Return this document w/ photo and book cover (see below) to by August 7th, 2016.
Author Name:

Preferred Dates:
Friday September 23
Saturday September 24
Sunday September 25
Unavailable at the following times:

Preferred Formats of Appearance:
Do you have any particular topics/categories you’d like to talk about?

Author Contact Information :
Legal Name (if different from pen name):
Cell Phone (for emergency contact):

Publisher/Publicist Contact Information (if applicable)
Name & Title:

Assistant Contact Information (If applicable):
Name & Title:

Book Information (ONE book this year – contact me if you need to ask for an additional title)
Will the bookseller be able to order this book?
If no, would you like the consignment contract?
Release Date:
ISBN Number:
*If there were to be a SFWA author meet and greet at a bookstore the week before, would you be interested in attending?
Publicity Information:
Author Website:
Book website:
Twitter Handle:
Once completed, please email this document to with
• A hi-resolution 300dpi JPEG image of the book cover
• A hi-resolution 300dpi JPEG headshot of the author
• Bio (150 words or less)
The book festival would also like 2-3 promotional/review copies of the book (signed, if possible) – let me know if this is possible.


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