UPDATED: 1:40 pm est Posts Delayed Today PLUS Important Announcement

Posts coming later today. Hugo voting closes tonight.

Regular posts will resume tomorrow, Monday, August 1st.

Sunday’s posts were compromised by the absence of the PC on which the post information was stored (that can not be recreated).  Sunday’s posts will appear on Tuesday/Wednesday.


Check out Bob’s Toy Box Studio for some really cool 50s SF – based toys and props and

check out this news report of possible discriminatory judicial behavior

Our regular Sunday features – Amazing News, Amazing News From Fandom, Time Machine, In Indie and Jo Phan’s Reads – will be delayed in posting today as we work on the infrastructure here at HQ.


In the meantime, NOTICE:  The 2016 Hugo Award and 1941 Retro Hugo Award voting closes tonight at midnight, Pacifit time.

Get your ballots in – this is the last time, ever, you can vote under the old system.  (Unless we vote to go back to the old system some time in the far future.)

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