July’s Writing Prompt: Two Worlds

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There are two worlds: one above ground and one below ground. When you wake up each day, you wake up in one of the two worlds, each with a 1/2 probability. You retain all your possessions, all your relationships, all your obligations, all your rights… but you can’t physically move them between worlds. There is also no contact between the two worlds.

How would you allocate your wealth between the two worlds? How about the size of home, and amenities within the home, in each world?

How would child care work? Within-family separations could be terrifying.

Business meetings would be thrown off horribly. Organizations could form three-person teams in order to probably have at least someone present in the right world on the right day. Alternatively, business could be done by leaving documents in each world, but those could always be seen by the wrong people…

People could have different jobs in each world. They may go to bed each night praying to wake up in the world where they’re happiest.

Dating could become more whimsical. Vague statements like “I’ll see you when I see you” are suddenly more mystical thanks to their added meaning.

Last, and definitely not least, the scenario doesn’t say the worlds have to be identical other than one being above ground and the other being below ground. One could be a medieval fantasy and the other could be a Western. One could be a contemporary drama and the other could be a space opera. Characters would be fluent in both worlds’ happenings, leading to (probably) a common language in each, but other than that… where could the story go?

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