This year’s alternate history award nominees

The Sidewise Award nominations follow:  Two of our regular contributors are involved as administrators and judges of this Alternate  History Award – Steven H Silver and Matt Mitrovitch. (Elsewhen, that might not be true….)

We are pleased to announce this year’s nominees for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.  The winners will be announced at MidAmeriCon II, this year’s Worldcon, in Kansas City, MO on August 20.  The Sidewise Awards have been presented annually since 1995 to recognize excellence in alternate historical fiction. This year’s panel of judges was made up of Stephen Baxter, Karen Hellekson, Matt Mitrovich, Jim Rittenhouse, Kurt Sidaway, and Steven H Silver.

Short Form

  • Eneasz Brodski, “Red Legacy,”  Asimov’s, 2/15
  • Eric Cline, “Elizabethtown,” Galaxy’s Edge 17
  • Bill Crider, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore,” Tales from the Otherverse, Rough Edges Press
  • Rev Dicerto, “Losing Amelia,” Deco Punk: The Spirit of the Age, Pink Narcissus Press
  • Ken Poyner, “The Last of Time,” Daily SF, 11/05/15
  • James Reasoner, “The Hero of Deadwood,” Tales from the Otherverse, Rough Edges Press

Long Form


  • Julie Mayhew, The Big Lie, Hot Key Books
  • Tony Schumacher, The British Lion, William Morrow
  • Harry Turtledove, Joe Steele, Roc


The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were conceived in late 1995 to honor the best allohistorical genre publications of the year. The first awards were announced in summer 1996 and honored works from 1995. The award takes its name from Murray Leinster’s 1934 short story “Sidewise in Time,” in which a strange storm causes portions of Earth to swap places with their analogs from other timelines.


For more information, contact Steven H Silver at or go to

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