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Orlando was bad, but not the WORST Mass Shooting in the US

Transgender Rights are Critical for Health

Supreme Court Says:  Yes, convictions based on lies can be upheld

James Gun says – more support for female characters in GOTG2  (good, cause if anyone knows where Gamora is, it’s him!)

Wonder Woman and Feminism & Feminism by Omission in SF&F


Plots of Books We Haven’t Read

Kickstarter to fund investigation of possible alien megastructure meets its goal

Little Lost (russian) Robot

Yul Rides Again!  Kinda.  Westworld reboot Trailer

Dr. Okun – not an ex-parrot

Brin on SF Web Comics

Star Gate Reboot.  Naturally.

One of the many benefits of Empire

Tom Corbett’s Spaceship is COOL

Bryan Cranston to Appear in Power Rangers Movie (Meth might explain that show….)

Netflix in July

No Concealed Carry for This Giant Nerf Gun

R. Crumb Does Trump – in 1989! (Talk about Presience!)

Going to Space in Movies – Lots of Suicide Missions

Alt: Hist:  Judenstaat

More GOTG2 Info

Strawberry Moon – from Spaaaaaaace!

If You Walk On Lawns, You’ve Never Experienced This

Bryan Fuller on Star Trek News (new series will be a 13 episode arc…on a PPV streaming network.  Can you say “fail”?)

More Rogue One Pics

Libertine Awakenings

Weirdbook Magazine


Keeping It Positive in SF

Anton Yelchin (Checkhov, ST Reboot) Dead

Brin Talks Lazy Dystopias (the couch potato future)

News for Amazon Affiliates

Why Old Books Smell GOOD

Online Pest Control for Authors

The Lost Science of 2001

HWA’s “Write Now” Program

Frankenstein Bi-Centennial Writing Contest

SFWA Chat #2

Bezos Awarded Heinlein Prize

Is Fandom Getting Too Conservative?

Swecon 2016 Convention Report


Let’s turn off all the lights for an hour so we can see the stars.  (Australia already doing it.  It’s called Earth Hour)*

Earth’s Moon2, KInda

Antikythera Mechanism Decoded At Last (and it’s pretty cool!)

Ancient Mars had Ancient Tsunamis

StratoLaunch – a Giant Flying Rocket Launch Platform

Universe Expanding Fast – Really, Really Fast

Hubble Does Great Galaxy

Science delivers another nod to The Marching Morons:  Study suggests link between high levels of education and brain tumors

The REAL Reason for Brexit:  Lab releases hundreds of mouse-sized spiders

This is Where They Make Dreams Come True

Game Inspires Prosthetics

FAA’s New Rules for Drones (Drones equipped with death rays may not fly below 400 feet….)

In case you were wondering:  The Diameters of the Planets

When Your Vacuum Cleaner Revolts

Airport Bag Handling Robot (costs extra for the body cavity search module)

Study Aims to Translate Your Cat’s Meows

San Andreas Showing Signs of Movement (“And If California slides into the ocean, like the mystics and statistics say it will…”)

*EDITORIAL COMMENT:  Earth Hour is a great idea and needs more PR, but I also think there should be two of them:  12/22 for the northern hempisphere and 6/21 for the southern hemisphere – the days with the “longest nights” would be ideal times to turn all the lights off – everywhere – for an extended period of time.


The Industry Just Got Social.
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Hey guys,

Short and sweet today. I’m listening to the audio version of a book by Chris Fox called Destroyer: Void Wraith book 1. I’m enjoying it immensely. If you like military space opera, have a look at this on Amazon. Chris is a good friend of mine. He’s helped me out a time or three. Please have a look at this book for him.

As always, if you need to get in touch, you can do that by using this link. There’s a contact thingy there on the left. I always reply to emails and comments.
Have fun,
Mark E. Cooper


June 20 2016


Featured Story: Q&A with Freeman Dyson on

The Future of the Universe
As the Universe evolves, living systems will freeze or

fry and consciousness will survive in the form of a giant cloud
The great physicist Freeman Dyson is in top form through the course of this

iconic Q&A, the first ever conducted by OMNI. In the hands of then-Q&A

consulting Editor Monte Davis, Dyson speculates on the next ten billion years of

evolution on a cosmic scale.

And more deep dives: 
Richard Feynman
on The True Meaning of Physics

Gerard K. O’Neill
on Space Colonies to the Stars 

Ilya Priogine
on The Arrow of Time

Copyright © 2016 Alpha Cygni, Inc.  All rights reserved.
A list for those interested in OMNI Magazine

Our mailing address is:
Alpha Cygni, Inc.

95 Claxton Avenue

Watertown, CT 06795




An essay on science and science fiction

The Apple of Eden
as More Than a Metaphor

by Paul T. Riddell
Science fiction writers — and readers — have spent decades eagerly imagining a future full of human colonies thriving on alien worlds. But these dreams have almost always been woefully simplistic, with alien ecosystems strangely hospitable to Earthly plants and animals. We know enough now to expect that reality with be a lot more complicated . . .


A playful and eerily prescient SF story

The Final Remake of
The Return of Little Latin Larry

With a Completely Remastered Soundtrack
and the Original Audience

by Pat Cadigan
The future will be even more obsessed with remakes and sequels than Hollywood is today (if that can be imagined).  But tomorrow’s producers won’t just be rewriting scripts and recasting parts — they’ll be able to extract actual memories from the children and grandchildren of the original players to construct impressively authentic recreations of beloved oldies.
Authentic — but not necessarily true.


More Alien Fiction

What I Did to Blunt the
Alien Invasion

by Barry N. Malzberg
You know they’re here.  They’re everywhere, all around us, in our cities and in our houses.  They’re disguised as people, pets, even house plants.  They’re going to take over the world.  But no one will believe you, not even the woman you live with.  Are you nuts?  Or is everyone else blind?


Some Strange Desire
by Ian McDonald

Kingdom Come
by Bruce McAllister

Unidentified Objects
by James P. Blaylock

They’re Made Out of Meat
by Terry Bisson

The First Contact with the Gorgonids
by Ursula K. Le Guin

Amanda and the Alien
by Robert Silverberg

Mr. Goober’s Show
by Howard Waldrop


Whoops, missed May! Here’s the news from my desk! (Me=author Cecilia Tan)
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In this month’s newsletter:

  • Advanced reader copies of WILD LICKS
  • Music is important to my soul
  • Help me polish HARD RHYTHM
  • DGC Volume 9 launches June 29
  • Meet me in San Diego
  • Works in Progress News


Just got these TODAY from the publisher in New York! A box of 12 ARCs of the upcoming rock and roll erotica book WILD LICKS. This is second in the Secrets of a Rock Star series, the story of Mal, the broody and sadistic British guitar player, and Gwen, the perky but masochistic aspiring actress.

To get a copy, hit REPLY and email me back your shipping address! First 12 to respond will get them. I would *love* if you guys would write reviews of it on Amazon on the day it goes live (August 2) but mostly I just want to reward diligent newsletter readers with fun stuff!

(Note: if you’re on NetGalley and want the ebook to review, let me know and I’ll pass your info to the publicist at Forever/Grand Central Publishing!)

Thinky Thoughts

I’m deeply shaken by the news out of Orlando. As a queer woman of color who spent a lot of time in gay bars in my 20s and just as a human being, I’m still struggling to absorb what happened.

Many of you have probably seen me wearing a T-shirt that says Music Is My Salvation on it. I probably wear it twice a week. It was a souvenir from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and I’ve worn it so much it’s almost worn through. It’s not an ironic statement for me.

Music is what brings people together in spaces like Pulse, to dance and find community, and to live shows and concerts, to find that ecstatic space of belonging that I think many people find in churches and other spaces of organized religion. Dance clubs and concert halls ARE my church. I worshipped this week at the altar of The Cure, a band that was all-absorbing to me when I was defining my art and my sexuality and my identity as a goth in my late teens and early 20s.

I last saw them in concert in 1989, more than half my life ago, but I saw them this week at the Agganis Arena in Boston. The show was amazing, transcendent, wonderful, and I couldn’t help but think that after David Bowie and Prince have both been taken from us this year, Robert Smith is the one left carrying the torch of “it’s okay to be weird.” That’s my religion, that’s what I preach: “It’s okay to be weird.”

That’s why so many of my protagonists are rock musicians and artists and nonconformists who can’t quite fit into a 9-to-5 world. Everyone has a right to be queer, in whatever way you are queer, whether in sexuality or in being not-like everyone else. You might be the same in some ways and different in others.

I learned in Bible camp (yes, I went to Bible camp) that our goal shouldn’t just be to go to heaven when we die, it should be to create heaven on Earth. My heaven would be one where everyone could be themselves freely without fear of being killed.

In particular it hurts that we are attacked for who we love or how we love. People sometimes ask me if I could be doing something “better” with my life. Right now I think writing stories about love and spreading a message that love is important and all kinds of love are valid is about the most important thing I can do.

Thanks for listening. 

Cover Reveal! And a plea for help

Voila! Cover below! I’d been waiting for permission to release the cover design(s) of Hard Rhythm (book 3 in the Secrets of a Rock Star series) and I finally got the okay! I’ll be posting this on my blog next week but wanted to send it to you all first! It’s already live for pre-order at:
IndieBound (local independent bookstores) | Amazon  | Walmart (!) | Barnes & Noble | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo

And I need a little bit of help. The hero of this book, Chino Garcia, was introduced in earlier books in the series as a Latino/hispanic character. I grew up with hispanic relatives by marriage and a few of my closest friends when I was growing up were Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Argentinian. But I myself am not hispanic. Now that the time to tell Chino’s story has come, I would like to ask if any readers who are Latino or hispanic would read the current draft of the manuscript and give me feedback about Chino’s character and his family.

If you’d be willing to give it a read and your honest feedback by July 4th, please EMAIL ME (hit reply or email to ctan.writer @ gmail) and I’ll send you the Word doc.

Upcoming Release Schedule

  • June 29, 2016 : Daron’s Guitar Chronicles Vol 9
  • August 2, 2016: Wild Licks
  • October (TBD): Shades of Prey box set
  • November 15, 2016: The Prince’s Boy, box set
  • December 20, 2016: Christmas Magic novella
  • January 31, 2017: Hard Rhythm

Details still to come: I’ll be re-releasing my old paranormal suspense romance MIND GAMES as part of a box set currently called Shades of Prey, arranged by Margo Bond Collins. I’ll let you know when I have more details about who else will be in the set and the exact release date.

And for those of you who are fans of Magic University, the novella about Frost and Kyle that was released as part of the box set last year will get a stand-alone release in December!

Meet Me in San Diego

I’ll be one of a few hundred romance authors autographing books at the huge RWA For Literacy signing at the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Diego,Wednesday July 13 from 5:30 to 7:30pm! The event is free to get in, and any book you get autographed you then buy as you leave and the money all goes to a reading & literacy charity. If you’re a fan of Daron or Magic University I will probably have some special swag on hand to give away if you come early! Just tell me what you’re a fan of! 🙂
For the full list of authors and more info:

Upcoming Tour Dates

July 7-10: Leviosa Harry Potter Convention, Las Vegas
July 22-26: RWA National Convention, San Diego
July 27-31: SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), Miami
August 2: Online Release party for Wild Licks
August 18-19: BDSM Writers Con, NYC
August 20-21: Flamecon, NYC
November 1: 7th Anniversary Online Party for Daron’s Guitar Chronicles

Daron’s Corner

  • All the Kickstarter rewards have been ordered now except the omnibus books themselves! Those are the last thing to come and we’re working on the final proofread now. The other stuff is really cool, including logo guitar picks, bumper stickers, and really nice little 80-page idea notebooks.
  • In the wake of Orlando, we’re having a fanworks challenge, please tell me some stories of our characters visiting Disney, the happiest place on earth and/or Universal Studios/Harry Potter world?  

This month’s fiction

This month I bring you a fantasy story of a sort of elemental godling, once one of the Fae, but now in the New World he is something else. This is the second of a three-story triptych I wrote, the first one being “The Lady in Black,” and the last being “Sleeping Beauty.” All three previously appeared in my collection WHITE FLAMES, which is now out of print.




Pro Se Productions, an innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, announces the debut of a new hero, created by Mike MacDee.  A master of disguise, Mata the Ninja fights his way through SHADOW OF THE FOX, now available in print and digital formats.

“One of the neatest things,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions Editor in Chief, “that we do at Pro Se is introduce readers to characters that demand to be read. Mike MacDee’s Mata is most definitely one such creation.  Each story in SHADOW OF THE FOX ripples with action and adventure and Mike works a sense of urgency into each of Mata’s missions, into his every action even.  Edge of Your Seat is definitely what this book is all about.”

Mata the Fox is a ninja agent whose mastery of disguise allows him to change shape like the foxes of myth. He has infiltrated places thought impregnable, stolen things thought irretrievable, and killed those thought untouchable; thus Mata always gets the Shogun’s most dangerous assignments.  SHADOW OF THE FOX by Mike MacDee collects Mata’s three most dangerous missions-

Escape From Graveyard Bay
Trapped on the dreaded island prison of Graveyard Bay, Mata must assassinate a loyal friend before she breaks under interrogation…or improvise an impossible rescue.

The Oshiro Songbird
The deadly leader of an impenetrable spy ring is rooted in the community of Inari Pass: she’s invaluable to the town, lethal to those who threaten her, and irresistible to everyone else. Breaking up her spy ring seems impossible…so it’s a perfect assignment for the Fox.

The Gold Barons of Izu
Second Place winner in the 2013 Samurai Fiction Contest. A revolt is on the horizon as Grand Minister Okubo and Yakuza Boss Kurai continue to oppress the Izu miners. To prevent the revolt, Mata must find a way to turn the barons’ dream alliance into a nightmare.

SHADOW OF THE FOX by Mike MacDee. From Pro Se Productions

Featuring a stunning cover by Larry Nadolsky and print formatting and book design by Antonino Lo Iacono,  SHADOW OF THE FOX is available now at Amazon at Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00.

Mike MacDee’s debut digest novel is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Lo Iacono and available for only $2.99 for the Kindle at and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at .
To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at

Copyright © 2016 Pro Se Productions, All rights reserved.




The Three Musketeers.  A name made famous by Alexandre Dumas, a tale focused on four men of unerring honor, ultimate skill, and unquestionable bravery.  Now, Pro Se Productions, an innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, harkens back to the era of the Musketeer, sharing adventures of other such men who bore the title.  ONE FOR ALL: TALES OF THE MUSKETEERS is now available in print and digital formats.

“There are heroes,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions Editor in Chief, “that are simply iconic, that are part of the fabric that defines heroic fiction.  The Three Musketeers as written by Dumas definitely fall into that category.  So much about the concept of these honorable men with blades defending one another, their King, and their country rings true with readers of Genre Fiction, even today.  ONE FOR ALL: TALES OF THE MUSKETEERS is an opportunity to look beyond the four characters we all know to the other men who bore the name.  The Musketeers had a long history and we have three of the best writers possible bringing that wonder to life in these pages, while getting to release a little bit of their inner Errol Flynn.  Fun, action, and honor from the first page to the last.”

Masters of the Blade… Heroes without Compare… Legends in their own Time… These are The Musketeers! One For All: Tales of the Musketeers is a swashbuckling return to tales of the group of special soldiers made famous by Alexandre Dumas and in innumerable adaptations. Yet, what of Musketeers beyond their four famous literary brethren? Adventurers, men of honor, rogues, and dedicated makers of right alike wore the crest of the Musketeer throughout the organization’s storied and rather long history. And authors David J. Fielding, Stacy Dooks, and Richard C. White now peel back the curtain to reveal the glistening blades and daring do of other Musketeers, men who truly stood the stead to protect good from evil, who fought, bled, and died proving each one of them lived the motto- One For All! ONE FOR ALL: TALES OF THE MUSKETEERS. From Pro Se Productions.

Featuring a fantastic cover by Jeff Hayes and print formatting and book design by Antonino Lo Iacono,  ONE FOR ALL: TALES OF THE MUSKETEERS is available now at Amazon at and Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00.

This collection of new Musketeer adventures is also available as an Ebook, designed and formatted by Lo Iacono and available for only $2.99 for the Kindle at and for most digital formats via Smashwords at

For more information on this title, interviews with the author, or digital copies to review this book, contact Pro Se Productions’ Director of Corporate Operations, Kristi King-Morgan at .
To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at


RPGnet Newsletter #58
June 21, 2016

New Columns

Christopher Cecil brought us his newest Fuzzy Thinking: “How Adventurers Spend Their Free Time.”

Sandy Antunes clambered back up on Sandy’s Soapbox for some philisophical discussion about how “Life is a Permadeath RPG.”

Fred Furtado planted some new Superseeds; this batch is a hybrid of Star Wars and DC’s Legion of Superheroes: “The Jedi Legion, Part One.”

New Reviews

Shannon Appelcline reviewed two card games from Minion Games: Sun, Moon & Stars and Perspective.

Matthew McFarland reviewed the RPG core book Call of Catthulhu Book I: The Nekonomicon (The Book of Cats).

And, Antonios S was back with a bunch of gaming reviews:

Threads You Might Have Missed

RPGs (and other types of media) often attempt to create or pastiche a noirish tone. This thread from Other Media will be an invaluable help in doing so: “What are the classic traits of a noir protagonist?”

“Games With Multiple Characters Per Player?” explores and has some very interesting discussion of how various RPGs handle players controlling more than one character each.

Speaking of useful gaming threads based on a question: “How would you find a missing person in Victorian London?” has some great information for anyone running a game set in the late 19th Century.

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

  • Iustum
    Newsletter Editor


Hello DriveThru publishers!

It’s that time of year once again: Christmas in July is our single largest annual sale, set around July 25th, with participating products all on sale at 25% off.

This year, Christmas in July is being combined with the annual Summer Offensive sale on WargameVault and takes place from July 21-29. If you are interested in taking part, please take a moment to visit the “Opt In or Out of Sitewide Sales” tool page on your Publisher Hub ( and set your titles up for the sale.

Note: All titles less than 30 days old will be excluded from the sale automatically, and you have the option to exclude any titles from the sale that you want. In fact, we suggest that you exclude titles less than 3 months old, at the least, as they’ve not yet exhausted their “shiny new toy” period.

If you DO want to take part in this sale, but DON’T want to opt into sitewide sales generally, you can always opt in for now, and then just opt back out once the Christmas in July / Summer Offensive promotion begins!

If you have any questions, please email me any time at .


Scott Holden
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