BOSKONE This Weekend

Boskone 43 takes place this weekend

Boskone 53 hits this coming Friday thru Sunday and I will be there, as will a number of other Amazing folks.

This year;’s guests are:

Guest of Honor: Garth Nix
Official Artist: Richard Anderson
Special Guests: Arnie & Cathy Fenner
Featured Filkers: Vixy & Tony
NESFA Press Guest: Bob Eggleton

I’ll be doing panels on Friday and Sunday.  Boskone hosts “Free Fridays”.  Between 2 and 6 pm, attendance is free.

Fortunately, that means that you can get in to see my panels for free.

I’m scheduled for:

Friday, 3:00 PM (free to public)
Room: Harbor III
Acquiring Art for Independent Projects
While you may not want to judge a book or magazine by its cover, that’s what most people do when browsing the aisles. Big publishers can get whatever artist they want for a cover design, but small presses and magazines have more of a challenge. Not to mention, self-publishers and new small presses often don’t know where to look or how to acquire cover art. Covers are crucial. If you have a small press or you’re considering a self-publishing project, this panel will help answer questions about where to go and what to do when acquiring the “right” cover.
Bob Kuhn (M), Steve Davidson, Thomas Kidd, Tony Lewis, Sarah Smith


Friday, 4:00 PM (free to public)
Room: Harbor III
Fanzines: Past and Present
Science fiction enthusiasts have been writing, illustrating, and publishing their own fan magazines since the 1930s. Panelists share insights into fanzines past and present that give voice to what fans most want to read, watch, and talk about. How have fanzines changed over time? How has technology transformed publishing fan-based content? What does it take to make a ‘zine succeed or fail, and how do you put one together on a budget?
Joe Siclari (M), James Bacon, Steve Davidson, John R. Douglas, Diana Thayer

I’ll be bringing a few fanzines with me…

On Sunday I’ll be pontificating on these subjects:

Sunday, 12:00 NOON
Room: Marina 4
The Economics of Magazine Publishing
Many publish for love, others for prestige. Some even manage to turn a profit. From circulation to ad revenue, staff turnover, and content acquisition, what factors are critical to the sustainability of magazines and e-zines? What’s the cold hard truth on the bottom line of your balance sheet?
Julia Rios (M), Neil Clarke, Shahid Mahmud, Steve Davidson


Sunday, 1:00 PM
Room: Harbor III
Inside the Editing Process
How does the editorial process work? Editors must deal with a variety of writers, each with his or her own style, preferences, and agenda — while keeping an eye on management, markets, and much more. How does the revision process proceed? What do editors really do?
John R. Douglas (M), Neil Clarke, Steve Davidson, Jordan Hamessley, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

So please stop on by and say hello!

You can find out all the particulars here on the Boskone 53 website.

Don’t forget to check out the Boskone Blog and their Facebook page (where you can find mini-interviews with many of the guests).


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