All Sci Fi Chat Friday

The All Sci Fi website is trying to gin up some participation for its Friday night open chats. is where you click to join.

When I offered to run a post on the chat, the peripatetic Bud Brewster (who regularly sends me emails) had this to say about the chat:

We don’t have topics for each chat.  We just say hello and then say whatever comes into our silly heads after that. We’ve experimented with watching movies together, but some folks don’t like that, and other folks don’t have the movie we choose, and still other folks try to chat without watching the movie, and then they get bored reading the comments that make no sense to them because they pertain to a specific scene in the movie.  Etc. etc. etc . . . .

In short, our Friday chat is still trying to find itself.  But you can find US with this link.  See you there, tomorrow night.

And then I got another email from Bud that informed me of the following:

Last week’s Friday live chat was terrific, and we’re hoping tomorrow will be even better!

Concerning the possibility of watching a movie together this week, the cosmic forces have arranged a nice surprise for us! Here are some interesting choices we could watch, right off the air! At 8:00 pm EST, all of the following features are scheduled!

Armageddon on AMC
Hook on BBCA
Ghostbusters 1 and 2 are on IFC
Man of Steel on FX
Sherlock Holmes (2009) on TNT
Outrageous Acts of Science (episode 46) on the Science Channel

Just think! Anybody can pick whatever feature they want and watch it while we chat!  No worries about having a copy of the movie we’re sharing, no problems about starting together, and absolutely no chance at all that we won’t be synchronized!

Who cares if we’re not all watching the same movie!  Who cares if some of us aren’t watching a movie at all! Heck, just come and have fun!

So, this Friday (January 22nd) the All Sci-Fi Chat Room will definitely be open from 7:00 EST until the last hardy member begs me to let them leave.

What can I say? I find Bud’s enthusiasm infectious.  Some may find the innuendo of the front page art for the AllSciFi website a bit off-putting, but you don’t need to look at it to enjoy the chat.

Will you enjoy the chat?  I can’t say, I’ve not participated yet.  I’m going to try to pop in tonight.

The All Sci-Fi Chat is a relatively new enterprise, so a chance to meet some new fans, at the very least.

Probably a good thing it’s not scheduled for Sunday evening…got a little thing called the X-Files premiering then…

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