AMAZING PEOPLE: Weston’s The IX Back in Number 1 Slot, Sequel Announced

The IX

by bestselling author Andrew P. Weston from Perseid Press


Those of you who have read the sci-fi blockbuster, The IX, will realize by now that you can’t keep the legendary lost 9th Legion of Rome down.

True to their tenet:
“Fight or Die”

The IX recently battled its way back to the top of the charts to reclaim its No 1 position.

While that’s great news indeed, there’s more – much more – in store than a
“Never say die” spirit, for the fighting legion is about to reenter our lives.

Amazing Stories is proud to announce the sequel to The IX
Exordium of Tears

Coming from Perseid Press as an e-book and trade paperback in February 2016.

Remember that date: February 2016
Look for the Cover Reveal of Exordium of Tears right here in Amazing Stories…

How far will YOU go to keep the literary adventure alive?


Andrew P. Weston

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