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Satellite dishes aren’t usually considered to have great visual appeal, but the collection of images I found is surprisingly poetic.

Searching Listening Waiting, by Nahte27 on DeviantArt.

Satellite dishes – the ubiquitous kind that helps you receive your tv programme – aren’t usually considered to be items of great visual appeal. It is easier to see the aesthetic interest in radio telescopes – those large contraptions which listen to echoes from outer space: the white noise left over from the big bang. Far off celestial bodies like quasars or pulsars, invisible to even the most technologically enhanced human eye, but sending off radio frequencies strong enough to detect. Hoping to pick up signs of intelligent life on other planets.

The collection of images I found on DeviantArt is surprisingly poetic: many artists draw a visual parallel with opening flowers, and the play of circles and squares on rooftops across the planet is also an attractive subject. There is art on satellite dishes, and satellite dishes depicted in paintings.

But like most technologies, this one is bound to eventually become obsolete: then they may quietly decay, offering support to some growing thing.

satellite dish, by Matthew Weich – log1kal on DeviantArt.
Message to, by PhotoartBK on DeviantArt.
Satellite Dish, by ohschitt on DeviantArt.
Flowers and satellite dishes, by LadyIsis-666 on DeviantArt.
Dish TV Obsession, by Khuram Lawrence – MARX77 on DeviantArt.
Storks, Dishes, by TMRE on DeviantArt.
Kama satellite, by Ruben J. Lugo – smoketoyachoke on DeviantArt.
circles, by zeroscore on DeviantArt.
Vintage Gingerbread And Less Vintage Dish, by Michael May – oneofacard on DeviantArt.
Satellite, by Matthew Steppan – asher-s on DeviantArt.
Hey, where did you get that satellite dish?, by Ahmet Sürücü – kalbimsenin on DeviantArt.
Satellite Art: Skull, by LightWolfWarrior on DeviantArt.
From Another Planet, by Nic Ruffles – neon-sunrise on DeviantArt.
Satellite Cosmonaut, by Midget-of-Jimmy on DeviantArt.
Obsolete, by Marskitty on DeviantArt.

All images are copyright the respective artists, and may not be reproduced without permission.

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