More Hugo Award Conspiracy

Numerous people in the science fiction community are urging members of the World Science Fiction Society to get their 2015 final Hugo Awards ballots in.

Still others are urging good fans everywhere to register for the convention – as either attending or supporting members – so that they too can submit final ballots for the 2015 Hugo Awards.

We’ve heard from George R.R. Martin, Obsidian WIngs, the Hugo Awards website, asking the wrong questions, the infamous “wretched hive of scum and villainy” File 770,  and even we ourselves at Amazing Stories have jumped on the bandwagon, as have, no doubt, many others (there have to be, right?)

What’s going on?  Is the secret SJW cabal that has been accused of trying to destroy science fiction in its quest to foist literary message fiction on us by commandeering the world’s MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD FOR SCIENCE FICTION?

No.  They’re just doing what good fans everywhere do, by asking you to participate, to have a voice and not to forget that there is a deadline for voting.

But for those of you who are still concerned about being able to judge a book by the rocketship on its cover, we offer this suggestion:



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