Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention 19-23 August 2015 at Spokane WA USA


Spokane, Washington, 15 July 2015

Voting for the Hugo Awards for 2015, honoring work published in 2014, closes 31 July 2015 at 11:59 PM PDT. We have already received 2300 ballots, including 20 that were mailed to us.

In order to vote for the awards, you must have a membership in Sasquan. You may vote online at If you wish to vote by a paper ballot, send your ballot to Sasquan Hugo Awards, c/o OSFCI, POBox 5703, Portland OR USA 97228-5703. Ballots must reach us before the deadline. Memberships may be purchased through the day of the deadline.

If you are voting online, you can change your ballot online up until the close of voting: log in with your registration number and PIN to see what your current ballot looks like. If you’ve decided on your votes for some categories, you can vote on them now and others later.

It is possible that there will be substantial demand near the end of the voting period, so please buy your membership and vote early. We are not liable for our servers becoming overloaded, or for problems with our hosting service. The best way to make sure your ballot gets counted is to vote early.

To vote on the Hugos, please go to

More Sasquan membership and registration information is available at

ENDS For general media enquiries about Sasquan please contact

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ABOUT THE WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION Founded in 1939, the World Science Fiction Convention is one of the largest international gatherings of authors, artists, editors, publishers, and fans of science fiction and fantasy. The annual Hugo Awards, the leading award for excellence in the fields of science fiction and fantasy, are voted on by the Worldcon membership and presented during the convention. Sasquan is organized under the banner of the SWOC:

“World Science Fiction Society”, “WSFS”, “World Science Fiction Convention”, “Worldcon”, “NASFiC”, “Hugo Award”, the Hugo Award Logo, and the distinctive design of the Hugo Award Trophy Rocket are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.


Editorial Notes:

Remember that you can use a vote for NO AWARD in categories in which you believe that no work is deserving of an award.  Reasons for doing so will vary greatly – quality, protest, dissatisfaction with the category itself, the methods used to arrive at the list of nominated works or whatever.

Voting No Award for the above and other reasons is a time-honored, legitimate vote, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

…and No, voting No Award will not destroy the Hugo Awards.


You can also have a say in where the 2017 Worldcon will be held. The publisher of Amazing Stories is endorsing the DC in 17 bid for the 2017 Worldcon (for a variety of reasons).  Other contributors to the site may have other endorsements.

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